A complete service heading into Winter can make the difference between a safe journey and an unpleasant surprise

When it comes to completing that service, UFI Filters recommends particular attention be paid to changing filters.
For both cars and heavy-duty vehicles, it is important to check the passenger compartment air filter as during the transition from autumn to winter, especially in rainy and humid regions, fallen leaves and insect remains can clog the passenger compartment air filter and promote bacterial growth.
To ensure the best driving comfort, the passenger compartment filter plays a crucial role. It is responsible for keeping the air inside the vehicle free of dust, pollen, allergens, and the dangerous fine dust, which tends to increase on winter days.
UFI Filters says it is therefore essential to replace the filter with products with guaranteed materials, such as those from UFI Filters.
UFI provides three types of passenger compartment filters in its catalogue:
• UFI Filters ARGENTIUM, with what UFI Filters describes as revolutionary filter media with a powerful antibacterial action and incorporated silver biocide, manufactured according to the innovative UFI.Stratiflex formula. UFI Filters says this guarantees >98.5 percent filtering efficiency for particles with a diameter of 2.5μm and maintains its characteristics throughout its entire life cycle.
• Pollen filters, retaining on average more than 90 percent of particles larger than 2.5μm in diameter, such as pollen allergens;
• Activated carbon filters, which block even the smallest particles from 0.01 to 2μm (gases, bacteria, fungi and odours), and also provide protection against bad odours.
Another vital part is the oil filter. Oil is the engine’s vital fluid, and a clean oil filter is essential to keeping it healthy. It is important to make sure you change the oil regularly and replace the filter each time.
Thanks to its OE pedigree and the research and development of innovative materials, UFI says it provides oil filters produced with specific materials in its catalogue, such as FormulaUFI.Micron and FormulaUFI.CELL.
FormulaUFI.Micron is a synthetic fibre material with a filtering capacity of up to four microns while FormulaUFI.CELL is a cellulosic material mixed with synthetic fibres.
For commercial vehicles making long journeys and travelling long distances, it is also essential to intensify inspections of fluids and braking systems to ensure safe driving in winter.
UFI Filters provides the following tips for inspecting vehicles:

  1. Check the fuel filter: the filtering system of a truck consists of a pre-filter, with a water separation function, and a secondary filter, for fine filtration. It is therefore necessary to pay attention to the presence of water and impurities in the pre-filter bowl, drain it promptly and use certified products such as UFI Filters that protect the engine from impurities and separates water from fuel to prevent rust and corrosion of components.
  2. Inspect the air dryer filter: if a truck’s air dryer filter has not been replaced for an extended period, it can affect the efficiency of the brakes. In addition, it is important to regularly check the filter dryer’s drain valve to drain any accumulation of oil, or water at the bottom. UFI states its dryers have desiccant material, a robust construction and efficient filtration of moisture, oil and aerosols (micron-level dirt). The desiccant material plays a crucial role in absorbing and adsorbing water vapour, ensuring that the compressed air remains dry and free of contaminants.

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