Jax Tyres and Auto says the trade has a big role to play in educating consumers

While Australian drivers are becoming more familiar with identifying vehicle issues, industry professionals have a huge role in ensuring this awareness is translated into action to encourage safety and peace of mind.
Findings from the Jax Tyres and Auto Road Safety Report 2021 showed that despite a nine percentage point increase from 2020, only 40 percent of Aussie drivers take their car for a check-up every six months and just over half (54 percent) say they carry out specific checks before a long drive.
One necessary maintenance procedure that only trained technicians can provide is a wheel alignment.
Misaligned wheels can cause issues with fuel efficiency, increased tyre wear, and impact on safety and handling.
It may seem trivial but improper handling could cause serious safety risks if drivers need to make an emergency manoeuvre and their car doesn’t respond accordingly.
The correct settings for wheel alignment are very precise so there’s a noticeable difference in the feel and function of a car. Here are the symptoms that mechanics encourage people to look out for:
• The car pulls to one side
• Tyres are worn excessively or unevenly
• The steering wheel is not centred when driving straight
• Squealing tyres or unusual sounds when driving

Concerningly, Jax Tyres and Auto’s recent study also found 39 percent of Australians claimed that even if their car drove fine, an unidentified noise wouldn’t prevent them from going on a long road trip. Only 50 percent of respondents take the right precautions by checking their tyre health at least once a month.
Beyond conducting a wheel alignment during regular servicing, Jax Tyres and Auto encourages members of the trade to have a conversation and encourage customers to consider it when they get new tyres, replace a part of their steering or suspension or experience a sudden jolt or accident while on the road.
Jax Tyres and Auto says its industry expertise means it is best placed to help these drivers to take action when noticing bad wheel alignment symptoms. These actions are essential for safety and peace of mind, both for the driver and others on the road.

To discuss the importance and benefits of wheel alignment with qualified technicians, Jax Tyres and Auto encourages you to contact its team via