Why don’t auto electricians, mechanics or tyre stores do replacement keys?

Remote King says the answer is “now they do, or if they don’t, they should be” as making keys is now easier than ever before.
When a customer walks into your shop, the first thing that they hand you is the keys to their car and this is generally where the first problem begins, says Remote King.
“The customer may say: my remote doesn’t work, the key shell is broken or please don’t lose it as I don’t have a spare,” Remote King Managing Director, Ian Wood, said.
“Here’s your first service driven up sell of the day!”
With changes to technology, cutting your keys takes just a push of a button and Remote King says its fully automated key cutting machines make key cutting “child’s play.”
Remote King has been supplying the locksmith, key cutting and hardware industry with products, training and support for more than 15 years, supplying a range of keys, remotes, replacement key shells and programming equipment.
“My job is to see where or if a product fits in a marketplace,” Ian said.
“More recently we’ve seen an influx of mechanics and auto electricians providing this service to their customers, with some now becoming big players in the key/remote space.
“With the evolution of fully automatic key cutting machines with built in touch screens or smart phone pairing, it is now as simple as pushing two buttons, duplicate and cut.
“If that is not simple enough, Remote King has added YouTube training videos, universal remotes/transponders and chip cloners to now simplify even the more advanced key cloning systems.
“It is not very often a new and unique service can be offered within your workshop without the requirement for additional training or staff. It is a job business owners are often giving to the apprentice to complete.”

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