Bilstein has high-performance shock absorbers for ambulances, VIP shuttles and many more

The Bilstein B6 Camper and B6 Camper Advanced high-performance shock absorbers were launched in the European motorhome market in 2022.
Bilstein says this is because simple van suspensions often fail to meet upmarket requirements in terms of driving safety and comfort.
In addition to the Fiat Ducato, Citroën Jumper, and Peugeot Boxer, the two high-performance shock absorber lines are now also available for the Mercedes Sprinter.
Although motorhomes based on these vans are rare Down Under, this platform is popular as an ambulance or VIP shuttle, and for other purposes.
For these special and other applications, the damper’s strengths really shine through, as standard delivery van suspensions are not the optimal choice here with Bilstein stating they lack ride comfort, offer poor cornering stability and annoying driving noise.
In defence of van suspensions, from a technical perspective, it must be said that they are simply not designed for use in an ambulance or VIP shuttle, for example, which meets completely different requirements and parameters.

Benefits of Bilstein B6 Camper and Camper Advanced
Bilstein says its new B6 Camper high-performance shock absorbers already dramatically improve driving performance.
It states that is because the shock-absorbing properties have been tailored on the parameters of demanding van applications based on thousands of hours of road tests.
The special set-up provides added safety in crosswinds and on bends thanks to optimum grip and a more intense driving experience thanks to high traction and precise handling.
At the same time, Bilstein says drivers and passengers can look forward to a more comfortable driving experience: thanks to the reduction of driving noise through better shock absorption as well as the increase in comfort due to the optimised rolling behaviour on uneven roads.
The one thing that could make this even better would be a shock absorber that could change its characteristic curve depending on the situation. In answer to this, Bilstein presents the B6 Camper Advanced with amplitude-selective shock absorption based on the DampMatic principle.
The Bilstein B6 Camper Advanced has a soft characteristic setting when cruising and a tight setting during evasive manoeuvres.
The shock absorber selects one of two characteristic curves completely automatically based on a mechanical process using the vibrations transmitted by the road.
In the “soft setting”, the shock absorber oil flows through both the main piston and a special DampMatic bypass. If the vibration amplitude becomes greater due to the driving situation, the control piston moves to its stop due to the sudden excitation.
This closes the bypass, and the complete volume flow is handled by the main piston. Since the flow is thus reduced, the shock absorber behaves “tighter”.

No cables, no connections, no additional installation effort
Bilstein says the purely mechanical DampMatic technology it has developed and patented thus ensures that the shock absorbers, which are actually passive, can adapt to changing driving conditions at lightning speed.
It explains this is otherwise only possible with complex active suspension systems with additional components, cables, or control units.
For workshops as well as customers, this ultimately means that the installation effort is no greater than for any other shock absorber.
Bilstein states this saves money and makes a switch even more attractive – showing that Bilstein B6 Camping and B6 Camper Advanced are not only a good choice for motorhomes, but also wherever particularly high demands are placed on driving safety and comfort.

For more information, visit camper.bilstein.com

Photos: Copyright Bilstein 2022