By Bar’s Bugs

The Bar’s Bugs team says the most common way to introduce swirls and scratches to our vehicle’s paintwork is “by washing it!”
Bar’s Bugs recommends utilising its ‘two bucket’ wash method to keep paintwork looking prestige for longer.
To utilise this method, purchase two buckets, one Grit Guard, one Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt, and one Car Wash and Protectant.
Use one bucket as a wash bucket, filled with water and 40mls (approximately four caps’ worth) of Bar’s Bugs Car Wash and Protectant, and swish the water to activate suds.
Use the second bucket as a rinse bucket, filled with water and Grit Guard. Bar’s Bugs says this is where you rinse your dirty mitt each time it is taken off the car.
Rinse the entire car using a hose or pressure washer to remove/loosen dirt and debris.
Dip your Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt into your wash bucket and starting at the top of your car, apply suds to a small section of your car’s glass and paintwork.
Once your Chenille Microfibre Wash Mitt has become soiled, wring it out, removing as much dirt as possible, and then dip it into your rinse bucket, rubbing the dirty Wash Mitt against the Grit Guard. This will see dirt and debris dislodged from the Wash Mitt and be trapped below the Grit Guard. Once your Wash Mitt is dirt-free, it is ready to reuse. Bar’s Bugs advises that you wring and rinse frequently.
Then, Bar’s Bugs says it is a matter of wash, rinse and repeat – dip your Wash Mitt back into your wash bucket, suds up another section of your car, and wring and clean off your Wash Mitt in your rinse bucket, repeating until the entire car is clean.

Bar’s Bugs invites you to view its range and purchase everything you need to use the two bucket wash method at