The Opus IVS team recently guided a customer through repair of Renault Clio with a vibration issue

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The Opus IVS team recently guided a customer through the repair of Renault Clio.
Renault Clio 3 symptoms: The customer reported having a Renault Clio 3, 2005 model year, with a vibration, humming sound and judder through the vehicle when stationary. According to the customer, this could be felt in neutral at idle speed through the pedals, dashboard, and seat base. The IVS 360 team supported the customer with the following advice.

Affected vehicles: This issue can affect Renault Clio 3, 2004-2009 (all variants with K9K engines and JA5 and JR5 manual gearboxes), and Modus, 2004-2009 (all variants with K9K engines and JA5 and JR5 manual gearboxes).

Possible causes: The team suggests that a possible cause is that the upper engine mount has failed.

Repair steps: In order for the customer to investigate and repair this issue, the IVS 360 team suggested the following repair steps:

  1. Check and confirm the vibration.
  2. Whilst sitting in the vehicle, please raise the engine RPM from idle and see if the noise stops.
  3. Visually check upper engine mount (see picture).
  4. With the help of an assistant, get them to manipulate the mounting by adding pressure to it using a lever bar in the areas shown.
  5. If the noise stops or changes in pitch whilst manipulating these areas, you need to remove and check the mounting.
  6. If a fault is found, please consider replacing the mounting.
  7. Once the new part is fitted, confirm that the symptoms of noise and vibration have been corrected.

Parts required: In order to replace the mounting, as recommended, an upper engine mount (8200140431) is required.
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