The company has appointed R&R Marketing Consultants Inc

TJM is taking significant steps to revitalise and proactively grow its operations in the US market.
Late last year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas, TJM unveiled products designed for the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon and the Ford Ranger, along with a 30 percent increase in its US product range.
TJM followed this up in February with the appointment of what it says is one of the most renowned automotive aftermarket sales and marketing businesses in the US, six-time SEMA Representative of the Year award winner, R&R Marketing Consultants Inc (RRMCI).
TJM USA originally began in 2011 largely driven by consumer demand for 4×4 accessories. In 2016 to service significant interest in the brand, the organisation opened its own engineering department in San Diego, California.
Since then, interest in the brand has continued to increase, and in the next step in the TJM growth story, the organisation plans to ramp up its participation in the growing overlanding market throughout the United States.
The characteristics of overlanding have some subtle differences to the 4×4 recreational market here in Australia and requires some much-needed consideration for the market offer to resonate with US consumers.
TJM says contracting RRMCI is an important milestone in the strategic road map to developing its North American market, and will deliver the access the brand needs, but a complete market offer will be vital to ensuring the ongoing success of the brand with US consumers.
TJM Head of Customer Experience and Retail, Matt Logan, reflected on the appointment of RRMCI, the strategic fit of the business and the organisation’s plans to build a loyal following in the US.
“We’ve been looking for a partner to support our growth throughout the USA and provide an improved level of service to our growing customer base,” Matt said.
“RRMCI has a great reputation across the industry, and we look forward to working with the R&R team.
“Historically, we’ve been consumer lead in this market and have lacked a more wholistic and targeted US and North American market offer.
“This has limited our capacity to build the TJM brand and deliver a package that consumers in this market really want.
“We’ve now listened to the needs of the growing US overlander market and have a package that provides significantly more options and greater convenience to consumers.
“Having put in place a far stronger value proposition in the US market and bringing on RRMCI to enhance our market access, will give TJM meaningful upside exposure in the coming years.”
RRMCI Chief Operating Officer, Chuck Lenhart, was keen to share the news of the partnership with distributors throughout North America.
“The team here at RRMCI could not be more excited to represent a premium 4×4 and overlanding brand like TJM USA,” Chuck said.
“TJM is well known in these segments by consumers around the globe and we very much look forward to making more products available to them by building a strong distribution network in the US and Canada.”

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