From Autel, for tyre thread and brake disc checks

Autel’s MaxiTPMS TBE200 and TBE100 are designed for mechanics and tyre shops to examine the tyre tread depth and brake disc wear condition without removing the wheel, tyre, or brake disc.
Autel says the TBE200 uses laser technology with 0.1 mm accuracy to provide workshops quick and accurate measurement results to determine if the tyres or brake disc need replacement.
It also features a 1.65-inch touch screen, displaying measurement data curves in real-time.
TBE200 also provides uneven wear analysis and detailed replacement and maintenance suggestions for quick tyre service. 
TBE200 is recommended to be used indoors and comes with a built-in battery that lasts about eight hours if fully charged.
The dual camera enables users to document tyre wear and damage and scan the Tyre Identification Number (TIN).
Autel explains you can use the TBE200 separately to view, or with ITS600 to print detailed TPMS reports, stating that ITS600 is a powerful tool to read, activate, and relearn most known TPMS sensors.
Interequip says it is the first and original Autel dealer, introducing Autel to Australia and co-developing the local software.
The Autel scan tools were launched in 2007 and now a full range is offered from the OBDII quick service tool to full function scan tools.
Autel also has a CV (commercial vehicle scanner for truck and bus) and EV upgrade kit, for expanding diagnosis to EV cars.

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