mycar has launched Auto-Translate to give Aussies a utility to learn the language of ‘car’

With the majority of Aussies admitting to knowing very little about their cars, mycar Tyre and Auto says its easy online utility, Auto-Translate, could help give the nation more confidence when visiting their auto technician.
Despite being a nation of self-proclaimed car lovers, new research* from mycar shows Aussies admit to not knowing much about the workings of their car.
In fact, 39 percent of respondents said the only thing they know is how to drive and put fuel in it; while 88 percent agreed that knowing more about their car would make them feel more confident when taking their vehicle in for servicing or repairs.
A whopping 90 percent of Aussies agreed their car plays an essential role in their day-to-day activities, and yet, so many of us admit to knowing very little about them.
To help Aussies learn more about their cars, mycar Tyre and Auto has launched Auto-Translate.

A first-of-its-kind
mycar Tyre and Auto explains Auto-Translate is a first-of-its-kind initiative which explains car language in a way that is easier to understand.
It does this by using simple and relatable analogies to explain different car terms.
With seven in 10 Aussies wishing to learn about cars, including online, Auto-Translate is a handy online utility available for free.

Easy to understand
Auto-Translate is not designed to provide expert mechanical or diagnostic advice.
However, mycar says it is an easy and simple solution for people to feel more confident when discussing repair work with their technician, and a a great way for mycar to demonstrate their people first focus.
With the majority of Aussies (66 percent) wishing they knew more about the functionality of their four wheels and almost half (46 percent) agreeing that they find the technical aspects of their vehicles overwhelming and confusing, mycar’s Auto-Translate has been designed to easily understand car terminology with a glossary of terms with bite-sized descriptions.
Included at launch were more than 50 car terms and explanations, with 200 car terms being available in the next year. You can type in a car term, talk to it or even upload a document like a service bill.
“At mycar, we are committed to putting people first, so supporting drivers in learning more about their car, instead of leaving them guessing, made complete sense,” mycar Tyre and Auto Chief Customer Officer, Adele Coswello, said.
“With Auto-Translate, we aim to help Australians learn more about their car by providing an extra layer of confidence, after discovering that 95 percent don’t feel very confident in understanding an auto technician.
“For example, you might not know what a fuel injector is – but if we said it sprays the right amount of fuel into the engine at the right time, just like a coffee machine pours the right amount of coffee into a cup at the precise time, then it might be easier to understand!”

The reviews are in
Since its launch in November 2023, more than 3,500 people have used Auto-Translate, demonstrating that people are keen to understand car terminology better.
“Revving up our car vocabulary and knowledge can help empower us at times when we need it, such as taking it to the auto technician or when broken down and needing assistance,” said comedian Luke Heggie, a early user of the new technology.
“Knowing a bit more about what’s under your bonnet, can help give you some more confidence in those situations.
“We have Google Translate when we go overseas, and now we have mycar’s Auto-Translate for when we might be a bit stumped at the terminology.”
Fellow user, tennis coach, Ben O’Connell feels that a utility like Auto-Translate will be very useful to Australians when taking their car to an auto technician.
“The last time I needed repairs on my vehicle, it was quite overwhelming as I didn’t quite understand what the parts were that needed to be replaced,” Ben said.
“Auto technicians are always very helpful and knowledgeable, but admittedly, my knowledge about cars is limited and there are so many terms and car parts I’m just not familiar with.
“Even searching online doesn’t give me a straightforward explanation that was easy to understand.
“Knowing that next time I can access my own car glossary for free with Auto-Translate will give me an easy way to look up what these terms are in a quick and user-friendly way.”
Internally, the mycar team has also embraced the tool and found it to be both a fun and useful tool to share with their customers.
With 280+ locations across Australia and over 1,300 employees, mycar is one of Australia’s largest names in the automotive industry.
mycar provides a full range of automotive services including servicing, tyres, brakes, suspension, batteries and general mechanical repairs.

To learn more about Auto-Translate and access it for free, visit

*Research was conducted by Pureprofile in September 2023 on behalf of mycar with a nationally representative sample of 1,000 Australians aged 18 years and older. All data was post-weighted by age, gender and region to reflect the latest ABS population estimates.