From Trailer Vision

Trailer Vision says it stands as a pioneering force in trailer plug and socket connector technology, consistently driving innovation within the automotive industry.
The company says it is proud to unveil a fresh array of certified design products, which have been meticulously crafted to meet and exceed Australian standards.

The innovative TV-GS7 is a cutting-edge three-in-one, seven-pin flat trailer plug connector by Trailer Vision.
Engineered with its exclusive patent pending Tornado Spring electrical terminal connection technology, it enhances electrical connectivity by surrounding the male terminal pins.
This design not only fosters a secure connection but also prevents terminal pin closure when coupled with the mating seven-pin trailer socket connector, which also integrates Tornado Spring technology within its female barrel socket pins.
Additionally, the tornado spring inside the barrel of each pin applies pressure to the end of the male plug pins, ensuring a superior electrical connection.

TV-12FP and TV-12FS series
Trailer Vision says its TV-12FP 12-pin trailer plug and TV-12FS socket are the latest must-have essentials for your trailer setup.
These newly certified designs boast covers adorned with rippled finger grips, ensuring effortless manoeuvring when connecting and disconnecting trailer sockets and plugs.
With an exclusive custom cable gland and nut, Trailer Vision says cable retention becomes a worry of the past, even with heavier cables, bidding farewell to outdated rubber sheaths.
The company says you can say goodbye to struggles and hello to seamless connections, as this series effortlessly handles heavier cables and conduits with ease.
Trailer Vision says you can experience the pinnacle of technology with the TV-12FS series, featuring the groundbreaking Tornado Spring technology, guaranteeing a steadfast electrical connection every time.
Plus, with options for open or closed reed switches, it says compatibility with reverse sensors becomes a breeze in the TV-12FS-NO-NC.

Trailer Vision says its new TV-BB5 trailer electrical breakaway system, with Rover CTA approval, sets it apart as one of the few to achieve this prestigious certification.
Developed in collaboration with a local test authority, extensive time was dedicated to crafting a high-quality breakaway solution for trailers up to four axles, featuring innovative patent-pending warning technology.
The introduction of the TV-BB5 is driven by the evolving rules and regulations governing new trailer manufacturing across Australia.
Trailer Vision says that with its Rover CTA certified TV-BB5 trailer electrical breakaway system, you can rest assured that you are investing in top-tier quality and compliance.

Trailer Vision says the hot new product for vehicle enthusiasts in 2024 is the TV-TWIN-50 dual connector and the TV-TWIN-50 dual connector cover housing.
Engineered to cater to the rising demand for dual 50-amp Anderson Style connector mounts, Trailer Vision says this cutting-edge unit provides unmatched UV protection and features patented cover locking tabs for each mating connector, ensuring a secure connection from trailer to vehicle.
Its sleek design not only enhances aesthetics but also offers versatility, allowing for seamless mounting of any trailer connector socket underneath.
Trailer Vision says you can simplify your tow bar electrical setup with ease, as the TV-TWIN-50 dual connector cover ensures efficient wiring harness management, delivering convenience at every turn.

TV14569-7-12 and TV14665-7-12
Trailer Vision says, “don’t forget to check out the TV14569-7-12 and the TV14665-7-12 Duo incorporating Ander style connector cover and trailer socket.”
In response to overwhelming demand, Trailer Vision says it is proud to introduce the all-new three-pin self-install Anderson style LED screw connection power connector, which it says revolutionises installation with its secure and straightforward design.
As the need for auxiliary wiring for charging DC to DC systems grows, three-pin style connectors are rapidly gaining popularity.
But that’s not all, says Trailer Vision, which explains that accompanying this release are brand-new covers tailored to fit the three-way connectors, ideal for vehicle tow bar flush mount and trailer installations.

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