A strong sports marketing platform is assisting Trico to stay ahead of its competitors

Trico is one of the world’s leading Original Equipment and automotive aftermarket manufacturers of windscreen wipers and wiper blades.
Founded in the USA as the Tri-Continental Corporation, for over a century Trico has been an integral brand in the development of the windscreen wiper.
Today, Trico designs and manufactures full wiper systems, wiper blades, arms, motors and linkages, including Original Equipment solutions for numerous automotive brands throughout the world.
By focusing on a constantly expanding range and total product quality, Trico has become a highly trusted veteran brand of the Australian automotive aftermarket.
To help ensure its position in the market, Trico Australia presently has two significant motor racing involvements that assist greatly in promoting the brand both to the automotive trade and to do-it-yourself enthusiasts.
Firstly, the Phillip Island Classic each year always proves to be an excellent motoring enthusiast targeted event.
Organised by the Victorian Historic Racing Register (VHRR), Trico presents a number of races at this extremely popular annual classic car specialised motor racing festival.
Trico’s second major Australian motorsport involvement has just commenced this year with the company’s title sponsorship of one of the country’s most exciting and relatively new motor racing categories, the 2024 Trico Trans Am Series.
Inspired by the ‘Trans American’ racing formula which originated in the USA during the 1960s, the Trico Trans Am Series has captured the imagination of Australian motorsport fans with its brand of cut-and-thrust racing action featuring purpose-built, V8-powered race cars in the body styles of iconic American muscle cars.
The Trico brand will feature prominently across the Trans Am Series, including the front windscreen banners of every car competing in the series.
In addition, the Trico Pole Award will also see the fastest qualifier of each round win a cash prize of $1,000.
The Trico Trans Am Series promises to be a highly competitive contest in 2024, with a quality group of drivers set to challenge reigning series champion, James Moffat, for the title.

“This is the first time that Trico has taken naming rights of an Australian motor racing series,” Trico Asia-Pacific Sales Manager, Adam Rickard, said.
“Trans Am has grown significantly in Australia during the relatively short time since the super-loud, fast and panel-rubbing racing series was introduced to this country.
“The 2024 Trico Trans Am Series features young up and coming drivers along with a number of Supercar drivers either competing full time in the series or making guest race appearances. This adds to its fan appeal significantly while also adding to the excitement of each race.”
While Trico explains it is renowned as one of the world’s best known windscreen wiper product brands, being involved in motorsport serves to keep the Trico brand at its customers’ front of mind.
“There is no doubt that having a significant presence in motorsport works and is highly effective as a branding platform,” Adam said.
“Our signs are placed on the windscreens of every Trans Am car competing, and that further links our brand and our short but sharp slogan of ‘World’s Best Wipers’ to our customers extremely well.”
As this is the inaugural season of Trico’s involvement with the Trans Am Series, it is too early to judge overall effectiveness and customer impact just yet.
Having said that, following the 2024 season opening round at Melbourne’s Sandown Raceway in February, Trico says the initial signs are very promising given the positive reactions gained from several major trade customers and retailers.
To ensure it is appropriately leveraging its sponsorship, Trico is actively communicating with the automotive and motorsport media, supplying images and news stories throughout the year.
Point of sale merchandise, workshop posters and other marketing initiatives are on the way and Trico is also entertaining customers and guests at each 2024 Trico Trans Am Series event throughout the season.
“In regard to our motorsport based marketing, we look for outstanding value, a definite link to our products, and the ability to leverage our involvement to the maximum level possible,” Adam said.
“It isn’t about how much you spend or invest; it is about the value that you get from your motorsport marketing investments.
“If you are not willing to invest in leveraging your involvement in motorsport, you are not making the most of it.
“The sign on the car is just a fraction of what is required to make your involvement work in increasing your branding and ultimately to increase your market share through sales.”

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