With the added complexity and variety of wiper blades now available, Tridon is committed to making the process of choosing a wiper simple

Proudly Australian owned, Tridon says it has been the leading supplier of premium wiper blades for almost 40 years, offering what it describes as the most extensive wiper range for the automotive aftermarket.
No longer just a simple rubber blade clearing the windscreen, modern wiper systems combine sophisticated sensors, adaptive controls, and aerodynamic designs.
Beyond functionality and aesthetics, advancements in wiper technology have quietly transformed the driving experience.
Today wiper blades are sleek, integrated components that complement the vehicle’s overall design.
Leading the way in the wiper market is Tridon’s extensive range of premium quality wiper blades to suit the rapidly growing requirements of the Australian car parc.
Tridon wiper blades offer sleek aerodynamic profiles, enhanced performance, and optimum overall efficiency.
Tridon’s extensive selection is unmatched with over 98 percent vehicle coverage. Led by the premium FlexBlade and CurveBlade wiper range, Tridon also offers conventional metal blades, rear blades and arms, and heavy duty wiper products.
Wiper selection made easy
With up to date vehicle applications and a streamlined selection process, Tridon says it ensures the best wiper blade can be found quickly and easily.
With so many options to choose from, Tridon understands selecting the correct wiper blade or refill can be daunting.
Researched over many decades, comprehensive applications and detailed product information make this process effortless with vehicle listings available on Tridon’s own PartFinder, online and through all major digital parts catalogues, with registration search capabilities.
Tridon explains that its PartFinder provides a seamless selection journey: with just a few clicks, wiper options can be filtered based on preferences, narrowing down the choices for easy identification.
PartFinder offers a comprehensive range of wipers each accompanied by clear specifications and images, not only saving time but also empowering the user with the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

FlexBlade and FlexConnect
Tridon’s premium FlexBlade range is ideal for car enthusiasts looking for the very best wiper blades for their vehicle.
Utilising the latest wiper blade technology, Tridon FlexBlade incorporates a low profile, aerodynamic clawless design, and direct fit connectors, delivering continuous and even pressure distribution for a crisp, clean wipe every time, says Tridon.
For the automotive trade workshop or professional, the FlexConnect range delivers a complete, compact one-stop wiper solution.
The range includes 12 naked blades and 11 different connector types sold separately. Each connector mounts to the naked blade using Tridon’s unique multi-clip system.
Simply select the correct FlexConnect blade length and match the connector for each vehicle application. Connectors are available as pairs or trade packs of 10.

Tridon states its CurveBlade is the ultimate solution for vehicles fitted with a hook style connector on the wiper arm.
This hybrid style blade features an integrated curved metal rail refill and aerodynamic spoiler for continuous pressure contact on the windscreen.
Whilst maintaining a sleek and aerodynamic profile, Tridon says it provides excellent wiper performance in all driving conditions.
Manufactured in Japan to the highest standard, Tridon says premium components ensure high performance, durability, and a long lifespan.
Tridon CurveBlade is a direct replacement on modern vehicles, or an upgrade retro fit for vehicles with a hook style connecting system.

Conventional, Rear and Heavy Duty
Tridon also offers a range of conventional metal wiper blades and refills. Manufactured from the highest quality, powder-coated zinc steel and stainless steel rivets for extended life, Tridon says its complete blades feature interchangeable OE style metal rail refills. They are a direct replacement and include all OE style connectors to make fitment easy.
Tridon also has the rear of the vehicle covered. Rounding out the range with rear wiper blades and arms, it provides a broad coverage for late-model vehicles and the expanding SUV market.
Tridon offers two rear blade types designed as direct OE replacement without the requirement for adaptors; conventional polymer and flat (or beam) blade currently with 74 individual part numbers.
Direct fit rear wiper arms are also available to complement the rear blade range. Tridon continues to expand the selection to meet the needs of the market.
When it comes to commercial vehicles, Tridon also offers a range of high-quality truck and bus blades and refills to cover heavy duty applications.

Tridon is fully committed to sustainability, and as such all wiper blades are packed in recyclable cardboard boxes rather than the heat sealed blisters which are typically seen in the aftermarket.
In addition to being manufactured for superior performance, Tridon wiper blades are long-lasting, requiring fewer replacements and minimising impact on the environment.

Superior servicing
When a customer’s car is returned after service, a clean windscreen serves as a visual indicator of the calibre of work.
With the exception of high-quality wiper blades, very few replacement parts on a car offer the driver a noticeable benefit after paying for a service.
Tridon says perfect vision and a great impression of work performed on the car are ensured when premium Tridon wiper blades are fitted to vehicles.

Research and Development
Investing heavily in wiper research and development specific to the Australian market, Tridon has a dedicated team focusing on quality, innovation, and performance.
Using proven premium quality natural rubber compounds and selected UV coatings developed specifically for the harsh Australian environment, Tridon wiper blades are manufactured from the highest quality materials for ultimate performance in all conditions.
Tridon also provides experienced local technical support specialising in the Australian market.

Tridon network
Tridon has national branch and warehouse facilities in key locations around Australia and New Zealand.
It explains this ensures products are closer to customers for faster delivery as well as providing local customer service support.

Looking to the future
Tridon says it is committed to keeping pace with a constantly evolving vehicle car parc.
While the windshield wiper may seem like a simple product, its evolution is a testament to the pursuit of excellence and innovation in the automotive industry.
Tridon states it is leading the way in wiper technology, which is not merely about enhancing visibility; it is about redefining the driving experience, blending form with function, and ensuring safety for drivers.

For more information, visit or contact Tridon on 1300 362 263.