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TUNAP Australia’s bestselling TUNAP 957 Interior Engine Clean with microflex technology is a TÜV-approved, solvent-free cleaner based on a high-quality, low-viscosity oil with high-performance cleaning agents.
The cleaner protects the new engine oil against contamination from used oil residues. It has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and contains low-viscosity detergents to deliver outstanding cleaning results.
TUNAP 957 removes oil sludge deposits from the engine oil system and protects the engine from being damaged as a result of blocked oil channels and bore holes.
It contains additives to lubricate components during the cleaning process and does not contain any chlorine, phosphates, nitrates or heavy metals.
Indications to use TUNAP 957 include where oil sludge deposits are present, in the case of loss of compression from the piston rings and where hydraulic valve lifters are knocking. TUNAP also recommends a preventative maintenance approach.
TUNAP 957 are available in 200, 400 and 950ml bottles which are recyclable. The application is simple: allow the engine to run at idle speed for a maximum of 20 minutes with the vehicle at a standstill. Then change the oil and filter immediately afterwards.

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