UFI Filters says it is ready for the transition to new energy vehicles

UFI Filters, a leading company in filtration and thermal management as well as hydrogen-filtration technologies, says it has taken a further step forward in electric mobility with the provision of the transmission oil-cooling system on Audi and Porsche’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE).
The PPE-platform, developed by the brands for its modularity, is intended to underpin a large number of premium and luxury battery electric vehicles.
Each new mid-range model, such as the Porsche Macan EV, Audi Q6 e-tron, A6 e-tron Avant and A6 e-tron Sportback – as well the RS versions – will feature a UFI cooler on transmissions mated to the front and rear e-motors, ensuring excellent performance says UFI Filters.
UFI thermal management systems are manufactured in the modern plant in Poland (Europe), 100 percent owned by the Italian Group, using aluminium vacuum-brazing technology to provide a more robust and cleaner product.
UFI coolers also play a key role in keeping the transmission oil temperature within optimum operating values. In addition, thanks to the cross counterflow configuration, increased efficiency is experienced.
The front cooler consists of aluminium plates, with 11 layers for the passage of oil and 10 for the coolant, while the rear cooler consists of 14 layers for the oil and 13 for the coolant. The coolers are configured in diagonal counter-flows.
This means that the oil and coolant flow in opposite directions, crossing each other’s paths on alternating layers.
This configuration extends the contact time of the liquids for the heat transfer process and, as a result, the temperature management capacity improves as does the cooler’s efficiency.
“Technological innovation and forward thinking are part of UFI’s DNA, and this e-mobility project is proof of that,” UFI Filters Group Chairman, Giorgio Girondi, said.
“We are very pleased about the Volkswagen Group’s confidence in our thermal management systems. It once again underlines the performance of UFI components.”
UFI Filters for BEV, plug-in and hybrid vehicles supply cutting edge thermal management solutions, made in water-cooled and vacuum-brazed aluminium, such as heat exchangers for e-axles, to optimise the temperature of the transmission and connecting the e-axle coolant with the rest of the cooling system, battery chillers to cool the battery, and coolant battery heaters to keep the battery temperature under control in all conditions.
Furthermore, thanks to the know-how in the production of plastic components, UFI Group can also provide coolant flow valves to electrified vehicles, that can modify the path of the thermal coolant circuit according to the requirement of the battery and electric motor.
With all of this product portfolio developed and produced by a specialised Business Unit, UFI Filters says it is ready for the transition to new energy vehicles.

For more information, visit www.ufifilters.com or www.ufi-aftermarket.com/eu