The company was on board with the winning Iveco team

The Rally Dakar is notoriously dififcult, and in 2023 it was the Iveco team which won in the Truck category, thanks to the excellent performance of the Iveco PowerStar with Cursor 13 engine.
UFI Filters explains it boasts a historic collaboration with the Italian manufacturer of commercial vehicles and heavy-duty vehicles, for which it supplies high-efficiency filtering solutions as Original Equipment to support its powerful engines such as the Cursor 11 and 13.
It says the complete UFI fuel filter, fitted as original equipment, guarantees high filtering efficiency, as well as suitability for bio-diesel and high performance so as to ensure maximum performance up to 150,000 km. Its plastic housing is said to be robust but light at the same time.
The filter element (26.044.00) is reportedly easy to replace and composed of a media of cellulose fibres coupled with synthetic fibres, according to the exclusive FormulaUFI.H2O, which guarantees a filtering efficiency of over 95 percent for particles up to @4μ.
In addition to the PowerStar, this filter also equips applications such as the Iveco S-Way and X-Way with Cursor 13 Euro 6 D engine.
Among the most important filters that UFI has developed as original equipment for Iveco is the patented oil filter (25.169.00), designed to support the powerful Cursor 11 and 13 Euro 6D engines, which equip models such as the PowerStar, the Stralis S-Way and the X- Way.
UFI says the UFI oil filter is able to guarantee high oil cleanliness as well as excellent lubrication of the engine components, preventing wear.
It consists of a sturdy aluminium support with a patented coupling to the motor body. The plastic cap, on the other hand, helps to improve the degree of elasticity, lightness and tightness, thus allowing it to withstand pressures of up to 13 bar.
The filter media, composed with the exclusive FormulaUFI.Stratiflex, is a combination of layers of cellulose and synthetic fibres with glass fibres in a pleated multilayer. This particular filter media is able to block the micro-particles of “soot” ensuring high performance up to 150,000 km.
Another filter fitted as original equipment is the UFI rotary blow-by filter that recovers the oil vapours generated by the engine in the combustion chamber.
UFI Filters has chosen to use a media in FormulaUFI.Micron family, made of synthetic material and coupled with glass fibre in order to be able to withstand the high degrees of saturated acidity of the oil vapours.
Despite its compact size, this filter, in addition to being self-cleaning, guarantees high filtering efficiency and low pressure drop, says UFI Filters.

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