These stainless steel braided brake hoses for 4×4 are available from Australian Automotive Parts

Australian Automotive Parts (AAP) states that Ultima Performance stainless steel braided brake hoses are highly regarded in the automotive industry for their superior performance and durability compared to traditional rubber brake hoses.
These braided brake hoses have been designed for 4×4 applications and pair nicely with the Ultima Slotted 4×4 rotors and brake pads.
They are made from a combination of (304 series) stainless-steel outer wire braid and an inner PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) tube, which AAP notes provides several benefits.
Firstly, stainless steel braided brake hoses offer improved strength and resistance to expansion under high pressure.
This characteristic helps to maintain consistent brake pedal feel and responsiveness, especially during aggressive braking manoeuvres or under heavy loads.
The stainless-steel outer braid acts as a reinforcement layer, preventing the hose from expanding or bulging when subjected to high hydraulic pressures. This ensures that the brake system operates efficiently and reliably, even in demanding conditions.
Secondly, these braided brake hoses have excellent resistance to abrasion, corrosion, and heat.
The stainless-steel outer braid protects the inner PTFE tube from external damage, such as road debris or contact with other components.
Additionally, the PTFE inner tube is highly resistant to corrosion caused by moisture or harsh chemicals commonly found in brake fluids.

Moreover, stainless steel braided brake hoses can withstand high temperatures (-70°C to 280°C) generated during braking without compromising their structural integrity.
Furthermore, Ultima’s performance stainless steel braided brake hoses offer improved longevity compared to rubber hoses.
Rubber hoses are prone to degradation over time due to exposure to heat, moisture, and chemicals. They can become brittle, crack, or develop leaks, leading to reduced braking performance and potential safety hazards.
In contrast, stainless steel braided brake hoses have a longer service life due to their superior resistance to environmental factors and wear.
Additionally, AAP explains these braided brake hoses provide enhanced pedal feel and feedback.
The PTFE inner tube has a smoother surface compared to rubber hoses, resulting in reduced friction within the brake system.
This translates into a more responsive and precise braking experience for the driver. The improved pedal feel allows for better modulation and control, making it easier to apply the brakes with the desired amount of force.
AAP says it is important to note that while performance stainless steel braided brake hoses offer numerous advantages, their installation and maintenance should be performed correctly.
Proper installation techniques, such as using the appropriate fittings and ensuring proper torque specifications, are crucial to ensure a secure and leak-free connection.
Regular inspection and maintenance, including checking for signs of wear or damage, are also essential to ensure the continued reliability and performance of these brake hoses.

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