With Whiteline’s Grip Series Kit

The Subaru WRX has always been synonymous with raw power and agility. Yet, even the best can be improved.
Whiteline says this is where it steps in with its “groundbreaking” VB WRX Grip Series Kit.

Tackling understeer: the primary challenge
During exhaustive testing, Whiteline says it identified a common issue with the Subaru VB WRX – a tendency towards understeer, particularly noticeable in all-wheel drive cars.
Understeer, where the car steers less than commanded, can dampen performance driving. Whiteline says its Grip Series Kit is meticulously engineered to address this directly.

The revolution of sway bars
Whiteline says the magic of the kit starts with its sway bars. At the front, it reports a 25 percent rate increase, and at the rear, an impressive 80 percent increase.
This modification shifts the roll stiffness balance rearwards, significantly reducing understeer.
The sway bars are adjustable – two points at the front and three points at the rear, offering extensive tuning possibilities. Moreover, these bars feature forged ends (not welded), enhancing their durability and lifespan.

Lowering springs for optimum performance
The kit’s offerings continue with lowering springs that have a front spring rate of 9 kg/mm and a rear rate of seven to 10 kg/mm on a progressive scale.
Whiteline says this not only provides the car with the sought-after lowered stance but also maintains OEM driving dynamics, a hallmark of Whiteline’s engineering ethos.

Polyurethane bushes and adjustable sway bar end links
Whiteline’s expertise in polyurethane technology is evident in the included set of polyurethane bushes, complete with added knurling for improved grease retention.
It says these bushes enhance handling precision and longevity and the kit also includes adjustable sway bar end links for both front and rear, always ensuring perfect corner balancing.
Additional customisation options
For those seeking even greater control, Whiteline offers adjustable tow arms as an optional extra.
These arms provide more rear-toe adjustment over the factory setup. The package includes two tow arms with billet centre sections, locking-out kits, and a full set of bolts.

Support and information
Understanding the intricacies of such an advanced kit can be daunting. Whiteline explains that it provides comprehensive support and information through the website and customer service team, from installation guidance to fine-tuning advice.

For more information, visit www.whiteline.com.au