The company says the expansion will help workshops to enhance their efficiency

Clutch Industries is set to elevate its product offerings in 2024 with the introduction of an extended range of light commercial and 4×4 flywheels.
This strategic expansion builds upon the success of the initial program, originally launched in 2021, aimed at providing a comprehensive selection of popular OEM replacement flywheels.
The conventional process of replacing a clutch kit involves grinding the flywheel to achieve the necessary surface finish.
However, a survey conducted by Clutch Industries in various workshops reportedly revealed a significant inefficiency in this approach.
On average, workshops expend five hours of hoist time, resulting in substantial financial implications. The combination of grinding costs, delivery expenses, and lost hoist time collectively constitutes a considerable burden on workshop budgets.
In response to these challenges, Clutch Industries proposes a practical and cost-effective alternative — an expanded range of flywheels designed for faster and more efficient installations.
It says the benefits of opting for a replacement flywheel over the traditional grinding process are:
• Time efficiency: the new flywheel range reduces hoist time, allowing for quicker and more streamlined installations.
• Cost comparability: in most cases, the price of a replacement flywheel is comparable to the combined expense of grinding, delivery, and lost hoist time.
• Quality assurance: replacing the flywheel eliminates potential issues associated with a subpar grind, such as shuddering, noise, and slipping.
• Restoration of performance: the replacement flywheel ensures the restoration of correct stack height, minimising the risk of disengagement issues post-installation.
• Competitive edge: workshop owners can set themselves apart from the competition by offering customers a new, superior alternative to traditional practices.
The Clutch Industries’ flywheel range is readily accessible at major Repco or NAPA branches, providing “a convenient one-stop solution for all clutch-related needs.”

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