With affordable, easy-to-install PVC tiles from Dimple Floor

As we spend more time working in our workshops, it is important to ensure that the space is safe, comfortable and durable.
Dimple Floor says its interlocking PVC tiles provide a cost-effective solution to upgrade your workshop floor, regardless of its size or shape.
Made from recycled materials, Dimple Floor PVC tiles are designed to reduce waste during production.
Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are also affordable and easy to install. Dimple Floor says that with its interlocking tiles, you can quickly and easily cover large areas, saving time and money.
In addition to being easy to install, Dimple Floor PVC tiles are workshop-durable. They are resistant to water and oil spills, making them easy to clean up.
Plus, they provide excellent thermal insulation, keeping your workshop warmer in cold climates.
The flexible cushioning properties of the tiles also reduce physical stress when standing for long periods, making them ideal for workshop environments.
Safety is a top priority in any workshop, and Dimple Floor states its PVC tiles have a textured surface that is slip-resistant, providing excellent grip and traction.
The tiles are said to be 19db quieter than standard floor tiles surfaces when walked on, which reduces noise and makes the workshop a more comfortable place to work.
Meanwhile, the heavy-duty structural integrity of nine tiles per m2 eliminates deformation during stationary or slow wheel turning, including forklifts.
One of the best features of Dimple Floor PVC tiles is said to be their simple interlocking design.
They are easy to replace, allowing you to protect your sub-surface from impact damage. And if a tile does become damaged, you can easily replace it without having to replace the entire floor.
If you are looking to upgrade your workshop floor with a cost-effective, durable, and safe solution, Dimple Floor says you should look no further than its interlocking PVC tiles.
With their eco-friendly design, easy installation, and excellent features, Dimple Floor says its tiles are the perfect choice for any workshop, garage, shed, or factory floor. It invites you to make use of its area calculator at www.dimplefloor.com.au

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