Measuring in a blink

Alemlube has introduced the Alemlube Automotive Premium ARGOS, a new generation touchless wheel alignment system designed and manufactured in Italy set to revolutionise your business.
Without any contact with the vehicle and without getting out of the car, Alemlube says that in just five seconds ARGOS carefully measures toe, camber and thrust angles.
You just have to stop the vehicle between the ARGOS columns, and a high-tech 3D scanner measurement system does the rest.
Alemlube says ARGOS totally changes the world of wheel alignment with no clamping, no targets or detectors; no manual operations required for the different wheel basis, not even a levelled lift; no need to perform run out compensation; no need to apply brake pedal lock to measure caster; no rim run-out; no need to remove hub caps; no obstructions around lift or wheels; no moving parts; and no bulky cabinet.
Alemlube says the advanced and user-friendly software, managed through remote control, contributes to deliver an outstandingly convenient user-friendly approach, thanks to the automatic start of the measuring process when a vehicle enters the working area, to the automatic detection of all procedures and to the automatic pre-selection of the vehicle’s specs according to the wheel basis and the automatic locking and unlocking turntables. Alemlube says this means minimum effort for maximum performance.
Further, by minimising efforts and time for wheel alignment measurements, Alemlube says ARGOS can check efficiently all of your customers’ vehicles by generating a clear report of the status of their vehicle, enhancing your business and customer satisfaction.
In summary, Alemlube says ARGOS’ outstanding practicality improves workshop efficiencies.

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