From ParkSafe-TTC

Burg Design says the ParkSafe-TTC Urethane Coil Spring Cushion Buffers are a fit for purpose, high-quality OEM-quality Automobile Spare Parts Accessory.
Burg Design Managing Director, Ray Graham, explains they have been designed specifically for upgrading the overall ride, comfort, braking, stability and handling of all vehicles fitted with coil spring suspension.
Further, they are reportedly resistant to heat, cold and all road grime. 
“Our Urethane Buffers are manufactured in Korea and they have been tested and proven as the world’s best quality,” Ray said.
“They are extremely durable, thus offering a very long life cycle, especially compared to the cheap low quality copies.
“They easily absorb all kinds of road shock effectively and protect the coil springs and shock absorbers from potential damage while providing increased stability over speed humps, cornering and braking.”
The buffers’ main role is to enhance comfort while driving and to make driving safer. 
“Urethane Buffers protect the springs and shock absorbers and they have also been proven to perform very well on the heavy rear suspension of mobility vehicles as well as race and rally cars around the world,” Ray said.
“Our Buffers also help eliminate the expense of replacing your shock absorbers and broken coil springs.”
Burg Design offers a range of sizes (A, B, C, D, E, F) which it says can fit most of the cars with coil springs.

Key features and benefits:
• Smoother steering and control of your automobile which improves your driving experience and safety.
• Restores the height of your automobile and improves shock absorbing functionality.
• Reduces vibration on rough and corrugated roads.
• Reduces fatigue from a long distance driving.
• Shortens braking distance.
• Dramatically extends the life of suspension.

For more information, visit www.burgdesign.com.au