Jeff was a pioneer of software technology and innovation in the Australasian tyre industry since 1979

The tyre and automotive aftermarket industry bids a heartfelt farewell to Jeff Malley, a visionary entrepreneur who left an indelible mark on the sector.
Jeff was known for his relentless pursuit of creating tyre-industry-specific software that forged a legacy which continues to propel the tyre industry forward today.
Jeff’s vision began with Megabus, a business he founded in June 1979.
At a time when personal computers were non-existent, Jeff recognised the potential of microcomputers for business applications.
This led to the development of the first tyre retailing system with Bob Jane T-Marts in Melbourne in 1981.
As PCs gained traction in the 90s, Jeff and Megabus were at the forefront, introducing the iconic Marlin-branded software, an industry first to include integrated accounting, multi-location support and live communications.
This found solid backing from Marathon Tyres, Bob Jane T-Marts, Bridgestone, Quickfit/Jax, Midas and ABS, as well as expanding into a number of Australia’s top tyre wholesalers.
One of Jeff’s significant contributions was introducing the first subscription model, a game-changer that predated mainstream models like iTunes and Netflix.
This move, albeit risky, enabled many smaller tyre retailers to leverage the power of software without the hefty upfront capital investment, epitomising Jeff’s penchant for breaking barriers to foster industry growth.
Jeff’s workplace ethos, marked by camaraderie and risk-taking, was legendary. He created a haven at Megabus where staff could thrive and learn. Many long-standing staff worked their whole career with Jeff, as he created a family within Megabus that stood by him through thick and thin.
Jeff’s enduring legacy was on nurturing relationships, continual customer focus and customer confidentiality.
Sadly, Jeff was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and the Malley family knew in 2015 it was time to place the flourishing Megabus in the safe hands of long-term software investors Constellation Software to continue to support the legacy of his vision for countless tyre retailers and wholesalers who relied on the Megabus software for their own businesses.
Jeff’s vision was his lifelong work and Megabus is a testament to the power of innovation, resilience, dedication and a life accomplishment of gluing our industry together.
The AAAA and all at Aftermarket Magazine join with Megabus in saluting an industry icon.