The parts manufacturer was already a TecDoc Premier Data Supplier

MEYLE, a renowned manufacturer of high-quality automotive spare parts, has become the first parts supplier to be awarded five stars by TecAlliance as a TecCom Certified Supplier.
The validation and certification as part of the TecCom Excellence Program aims to improve message quality on the TecCom B2B platform and make order management processes more efficient.
MEYLE has been using TecAlliance solutions for more than 15 years. Its products are available in the TecDoc Catalogue and can be ordered via the TecCom platform.
The parts manufacturer has already been awarded the title of TecDoc Premier Data Supplier for the outstanding quality of its catalogue data.
As a result of the validation and certification of message quality in the “TecCom Excellence Program,” MEYLE is now the first parts manufacturer to receive the quality seal of TecCom Certified Supplier with the top result of five stars.
TecAlliance says participation in the certification process is an important step for TecCom suppliers to meet the demands of wholesalers for data consistency and standardisation.
“As with our products, we are always interested in delivering the highest possible quality to our customers,” said Tim Apel, SAP Key User in the Sales and Distribution division at MEYLE.
“It was therefore clear to us that we wanted to put our message quality on the TecCom platform to the test and optimise it.
“The Excellence Program is ideally suited for this purpose, as all processes are examined and compared with the applicable platform rules,” Tim said, explaining the reasons for participating in the certification process.
Working closely together, TecAlliance supported the sub-manufacturer in bringing message quality to the highest level and finding customised solutions for the company’s individual requirements.
“The improvements made as part of the Excellence Programme have enabled us to work more efficiently and accurately in many areas so that we can meet our customers’ requirements even better,” Tim said.
MEYLE plans to continue expanding its cooperation with TecAlliance in the future, stating that the complete digitisation of business processes supports the parts manufacturer in providing innovative solutions and spare parts of the highest quality with optimum service.

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