Hybrid vehicles have unique needs

Engine oil in a hybrid vehicle doesn’t get as hot as in a traditional internal combustion engine as a result of temporal engine shut down.
Lower operating temperatures, low engine speeds and high load conditions mean that the engine oil is subjected to water condensation and fuel dilution.
Increased water condensation and fuel dilution can result in cold temperature flow issues, corrosion and rust, increased wear and friction as well as an increase in sludge.
Valvoline says the good news is “Valvoline is ready,” with its Valvoline Hybrid Vehicle Full Synthetic Engine Oil engineered for hybrid engines.
Valvoline Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil is formulated with exclusive Trap and Lock Technology to suspend water molecules in the oil to prevent damage from water and fuel, and the Anti-Corrosion Shield adds enhanced protection and ensures proper lubrication of all metal surfaces.

Protect your vehicle with Trap and Lock Technology
The exclusive Trap and Lock Technology featured in Valvoline’s Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil helps prevent damage from fuel and water. Every hybrid oil sump contains three components:

  1. Engine oil
  2. Water from the combustion process in the engine
  3. Unburnt fuel from the combustion chamber

In a hybrid vehicle, the combustion engine is not always operating, meaning that the oil temperature does not get as hot.
This can result in more water and fuel in the oil, which can be a concern as when the engine oil, water and fuel separate in an engine, it can cause catastrophic engine damage.
The formulation of Valvoline Hybrid Engine Oil has been developed and tested to ensure emulsification of engine oil, water and fuel is stable – hence the introduction of the Trap and Lock Technology featured in the Valvoline Hybrid Vehicle Engine Oil.
Valvoline states that Trap and Lock Technology helps prevent engine damage from fuel and water through the proper emulsification of engine oil, fuel and water for maximum protection of hybrid vehicles.
Valvoline’s Hybrid Vehicle 0W-20 engine oil is available now in 6L, 20L and 208L drums.

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