Exclusive to workshops

Valvoline Professional Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 Engine Oil allows workshops to streamline their engine oil requirements.
It comes in 20L, 60L and 208L drums, suits Petrol vehicles that specify SAE 5W-30 requiring API SN PLUS, SN, SM or earlier, and caters for more than 45 percent of Australian vehicles sold since 2009.
Valvoline says that not only does the Valvoline Professional Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 engine oil service the fastest growing segment in the Australian automotive marketplace, it can rationalise up to five engine oils from the Valvoline range.
This means workshops could save time in choosing which oil to use and improve workshop efficiencies by potentially holding less stock.
The one engine oil could mean less oil storage space on the workshop floor, leading to greater efficiency.
Valvoline Professional Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 engine oil also meets the API SN PLUS specification which protects against Low Speed Pre-Ignition (LSPI).
LSPI is an abnormal, uncontrolled combustion event that can occur in modern Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Turbo Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engines. In some cases, this can result in catastrophic engine failure.
Research suggests that LSPI most commonly occurs during rapid acceleration and in GDI and TGDI engines operating in low speed and high load driving conditions.
Whilst protecting against LSPI, another benefit of the Valvoline Professional Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 engine oil is that it can improve fuel economy by up to 1.5 percent in certain vehicles.
It also protects engines from wear by up to 72 percent when compared to standard engine oils.
In addition, Valvoline Professional Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 engine oil contains Mid SAP’s technology.
This means it is ideal for use in various Japanese and Korean diesel vehicles fitted with DPFs.
Many of these vehicles can now be serviced with the Valvoline Professional Multi-Vehicle 5W-30 engine oil where the vehicle specifies SAE 5W-30 requiring ACEA C2 or ACEA C3.

For more information, speak with your local Valvoline representative or contact Valvoline Customer Service on 1800 458 237.