The benchmark for Start-Stop proves to be an indispensable companion in electric vehicles as well

An increasing number of electric vehicles (EV) are entering the Australian car parc as EV popularity builds.
The emergence of hybrid and electric vehicles has intensified the demands of the low-voltage power net and redefined the role of the 12V battery, which functions as a critical safety component in all EVs providing redundancy and peak load support.
When these cars enter independent Aftermarket workshops, they need to be able to provide the right service as the maturity level of electric vehicles increases.
Investing in training, tools and the right products will be key differentiators and enablers for workshops in developing their ability to manage the increasing technological complexity of next-generation vehicles – and VARTA says it can help out in both areas with the VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM portfolio and the VARTA Partner Portal’s training offerings.
VARTA says its AGM technology was developed in close cooperation with leading car manufacturers and “has long become the benchmark for the most demanding applications.”
VARTA Batteries are distributed exclusively in Australia by Federal Batteries.
“The new VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM xEV battery is specifically designed to work in perfect tandem with virtually any type of a high-voltage battery in full hybrid, plug in hybrid and battery electric vehicles,” Federal Batteries’ Product Manager, Mike Morgan, said.
“The combination of both technologies ensures optimal vehicle performance by delivering constant power and crucial safety functionality.
“The VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM xEV technology even has sufficient spare capacity to power vehicle systems that are yet to come.
“As the world’s leading battery manufacturer, VARTA is the number one supplier for all major car manufacturers.
“VARTA products are fulfilling all OE requirements and that is why well-known manufacturers such as Mercedes, Volkswagen or BMW are fitting their cars with VARTA batteries.
“Already today, six out of 10 new cars including EVs in Europe are equipped with a VARTA battery. VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM batteries have proven their reliability for years, with both lab- and real-world testing demonstrating their superior performance in key OE focus areas.”
VARTA states the key features and benefits of its AGM technology include:
• Designed to withstand short distance driving and urban traffic due to superior recharge capabilities
• High degree of predictability of electrical performance over the entire lifetime
• Superior vibration resistance due to high degree of compression
• Maintenance-free with a non-spillable design
• Three times the cycle life compared to conventional batteries
“The coming years will prove to be quite challenging for IAM workshops,” Mike said.
“But these challenges, if adequately addressed, can also lead to big opportunities.
“The 12 V battery will continue to play a significant role in all forms of electric vehicles – from the ones already on the market to future models.
“Mechanics installing VARTA AGM batteries guarantee ‘like-for-like’ or even upgrade replacement, as well as the best service and safety for their customers.”
The new VARTA Silver Dynamic AGM xEV battery range will be available in Australia from early April.

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