ACS says its ClutchTech videos are supporting workshops around the world

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) says its YouTube channel has proven to be one of the most popular in the industry with a large following from customers around the world.
Developed in-house as part of ACS’ ClutchTech technical support database, the video series includes more than 50 videos demonstrating everything from basic clutch support information through to detailed procedures for vehicle specific applications.
“Our ClutchTech video series has been a major source of technical support to our customers globally,” ACS General Manager, Simon Acton, said.
“With millions of views on our videos since the introduction of the series, these have been a great source of support to workshops around Australia and provide a clearer way of communicating critical procedures and information than a traditional technical service bulletin.”
The ClutchTech series is available on the Australian Clutch Services YouTube channel with QR code links to videos also incorporated into applicable ACS Technical Service Bulletins that are provided in clutch kits.
“We have always focused on being at the forefront of technical support for clutch and our technical service bulletins have traditionally been the best way to communicate critical installation information,” Simon said.
“The videos are based on our technical service bulletins and allow us to communicate procedures in a visual way to help the installer.
“We produce our technical videos in-house with our engineering and marketing departments to ensure we provide the best technical support based on our extensive experience in global markets.”
Popular videos in the series include DCT Clutch Removal and Installation Procedures, Hydraulic Pedal Adjustment, Renault/Nissan Clutch Bleeding Procedure and Ford Ranger PX and Transit Clutch Bleeding Procedure.
“We are regularly getting technical enquiries related to our most common videos and always look to develop new videos based on the requests we receive from customers,” Simon said.
The video series is just a small part of the ClutchTech database which also includes the technical service bulletins (which are available on the ACS online catalogue) and a troubleshooting guide which is available on the ACS website.
“The ClutchTech database has been developed to support customers from around the world with the technical information they need in an easy to access format,” Simon said.

For more information or to explore the topics available, please visit or scan the QR code to visit the ACS YouTube Channel.