Davies Craig explains why you should care

A Davies Craig remote-mount Electric Water Pump, or EWP, is an electrically driven component that pumps and circulates engine coolant around the cooling system.
Sounds simple, but wait, there’s more, one immediate benefit of an EWP is in the name, ‘Electric’.
Because the EWP utilises the vehicle’s electrical system, requiring very minimal current draw, an EWP isn’t reliant on the vehicle’s engine power per se.
The EWP continues to operate as long as there is life in the vehicle’s electrical system and will run-on after hot engine shutdown to prevent heat soak. This is especially crucial with alloy and/or higher horsepower engines.
Consider a race car, a drift car or streetcar running a high revving naturally aspirated or turbo engine.
A talented driver can pound a drift car around a circuit and the engine will be constantly operating at the high end of the rev range.
The driver completes his event and switches off the engine.
A mechanical water pump immediately stops operating; therefore, the coolant is no longer circulating through the engine or the radiator.

The engine block and cylinder and head temperature and system pressure increase for a period of approximately three to 10 minutes, depending on the engine design.
This can lead to severe engine damage, usually a head gasket and potential damage to the radiator.
Another major benefit of an EWP is the constant coolant flow rate and system pressure, regardless of engine revs.
Innovative Australian manufacturer Davies Craig designed the compact, remote-mount Electric Water Pumps and Booster Pumps with flow rates ranging from 23 litres to 150 litres per minute.
All will deliver constant coolant flow, as they’re not dependent on the engine.
The Electric Water Pumps draw current from the vehicle’s electric system, reducing parasitic power loss, allowing this extra power to be transmitted to the drive wheels. Furthermore, there is less strain, a reduced drive belt and better fuel economy.
The EWPs are remote-mounted, lightweight, and very compact, which means they can be conveniently installed in most engine bays on the bottom radiator hose.
The EWPs are supplied as a simple do-it-yourself kit with most of the items included for easy installation.

To find out which Davies Craig EWP model could be installed in your set of wheels visit the Davies Craig website, www.daviescraig.com.au and examine the simple EWP Selection Guide. Technical Support is also readily available by calling Davies Craig on 03 9369 1234.