Is “good enough” ever really good enough?

David Fraser, Group CEO, Capricorn Society Ltd

When you are a leader, whatever standard you say is “good enough” is the standard your team will work to.
As business leaders, we always set the level. The standard we accept is the standard others follow. So, taking that into consideration, is “good enough” really ever good enough? Shouldn’t we all have our sights set on excellence?
This month we’ve been exploring what it means to create a culture of excellence in a workshop and have been speaking to several Capricorn Members who have created a culture of excellence in their businesses in order to learn from their insights and experience.
Capricorn Member John Edwards, of John Edwards Automotive in Queensland, shared his thoughts.
“Sometimes it’s just the little things, leading by example,” John said.
“If there’s some rubbish or litter in the driveway, just pick it up. Let people see you care for your place, that you’re prepared to do the crap.
“When they see it, hopefully, it brings them along. Most people react favourably to that kind of servant leadership— leadership that’s not high and mighty.”
In other words, if it is good enough for John to pick up the litter, it is good enough for his team to do the same. It is a very small gesture, but in doing it he is setting a standard, an expectation and an example for his team.
What does good enough mean in your workshop? And is settling for “good enough,” good enough?
On CAP Hub, we’ve got a range of online articles with tips and advice, including how to avoid some of the common management mistakes that can so easily stop us from achieving excellence, how networking can build our reputations as leaders in our industry and in our community and what that means for achieving excellence in our workshops. They’re all available at cap.coop/caphub
Yours in cooperation,
David Fraser
Group CEO – Capricorn Society Ltd

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