The Xtreme Outback range of performance 4×4 clutch upgrades have been designed and developed to suit the toughest terrain

As a division of Australian Clutch Services (ACS), Xtreme Outback upgrades are designed and engineered in-house to offer the ultimate balance of clamping force and drivability for modified 4×4 vehicles and towing applications.
The Xtreme Outback range offers a variety of different upgrade options for hundreds of vehicles (ACS says it has more than 99 percent coverage of the Australian manual passenger car parc) and also provide custom clutch solutions for those completing engine or transmission conversions.
“Our range has been developed over two decades to provide the most extensive range of complete clutch kits, accessories and hydraulics for modified 4x4s around Australia and the world,” Australian Clutch Services Sales Manager, Colin Jevons, said.
“The Xtreme Outback range is trusted by enthusiasts who are looking for a performance clutch upgrade to handle a higher torque capacity with a minimal change in drivability.
“Our engineering team are focused on providing performance solutions that meet the performance needs of these vehicles whilst always keeping the engagement and drivability characteristics as close to OE as possible for ease of use on the street.”
The Xtreme Outback range, like all ACS clutch solutions, comes in kit form and as a “one box solution” for value and efficiency for the installer.
The kits can be provided with a variety of components depending on what the vehicle requires, but basic kits include a heavy-duty pressure plate, friction disc, release bearing, pilot bearing or bush, alignment tool and spline grease.
The kits can be expanded to include replacement flywheel, flywheel bolts, pressure plate bolts and concentric slave cylinder as required.
ACS also offers a hydraulics and accessories range for those looking to replace master cylinder, clutch booster, hydraulic lines, dampener, clutch fork, pivot ball and even guide tubes for the transmission.
“We are focused on providing the complete clutch solution for our customers,” Colin said.
“We are constantly updating our product line to include various components in the clutch system to ensure we have everything available, from the pedal all the way to the engine.
“We are even offering complete pedal assemblies, shifter kits and replacement pedal pads for specific applications.”
The Xtreme Outback range of kits is available through the nationwide ACS distributor network.

For more information, please visit www.xtremeoutback.com.au