The milestone sees ZF contributing significantly to reducing CO2 emissions

Technology company, ZF, supplies automotive manufacturers with electric motors for different vehicle types, from hybrid and electric axle drives for electric passenger cars to electric central drives for commercial vehicles.
In 2008, ZF was the first volume production supplier in Europe to produce an electric motor for a premium mild hybrid.
Since then, the company has not only expanded its product portfolio with technological innovations, but has also strongly supported the trend towards electrifying passenger car drives, to cut down climate-damaging CO2 emissions.
In recent years, this went hand-in-hand with massive production capacity increases as ZF adapted to the increasing number of call-offs and the high demand for electric mobility. 
“Our production anniversary is backed by long-term entrepreneurial decisions and innovative engineering spirit,” said Stephan von Schuckmann, who is a member of the ZF Board of Management and responsible for Electrified Powertrain Technology. 
ZF electric motors cover a broad range of applications from mild hybrids and plug-in hybrids to purely electric drive systems for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
The performance range is 50 kW to 550 kW, with torques of 75 Nm to 1,500 Nm. 
In order to keep pace with the global increase in electric vehicle production, ZF has continuously expanded production capacities for electric motors at the lead plant in Schweinfurt, Germany. 
In addition, the company commissioned major production lines in Pančevo (Serbia) and Shenyang (China) in recent years.
Another plant in North America is currently under construction and will go into operation in 2023. 
ZF supplies its customers with electric motors as components but also has the expertise to integrate electric motors into vehicle drives and supply whole systems, respectively. 
ZF offers complete axle and central drives including self-developed and -produced power electronics and reduction gear units for purely electric drives in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
 Next production milestone in sight
In view of globally increasing volumes and the high demand for electric powertrain technology, ZF says the next production milestone will be reached soon. 
“Our order books are well filled, the next two million units of electric motors will probably be produced in less than two years,” Roland said.
If these two million electric motors from ZF replace conventional combustion-engine passenger car drives, they will save approximately 45 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over the average passenger car service life of 15 years, says ZF. 
ZF states that in order to achieve the same savings potential with renewable energy sources, a wind farm with 80 wind turbines would have to be on the grid for 25 years. 

For further information on ZF in Oceania, visit www.zf.com/au