CoolDrive Auto Parts is now an authorised distributor of Cataclean fuel and exhaust system cleaners

Originally developed to clean the catalytic converter, Cataclean has advanced into a patented eight-in-one complete fuel and exhaust system cleaner for combustion engines, including petrol, diesel and hybrids.
Cataclean works by removing carbon build-up, which can cause issues such as reduced performance, higher fuel consumption and emissions control component failure.
Simple to use, it just needs to be poured into the fuel tank where its effective cleaning formulation will clean everything the fuel touches, including the fuel tank, lines, fuel injectors, combustion chamber and intake valves.
Upon combustion within the combustion chamber, Cataclean then creates an acidic vapour containing carboxylic acids that continues through the system to clean carbon from oxygen sensors, EGR valves, catalytic converters and particulate filters (DPF/PPF).
The end result is reportedly a better combustion cycle which lowers emissions, improves performance and fuel economy, and extends component life, by ultimately removing build-up from the fuel and exhaust systems to allow the engine to run optimally.
The addition of Cataclean is part of CoolDrive’s expansion of its tools and equipment range to ensure it continues to offer its workshop customers the very latest products and technologies.

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