Smart Start Australia and the automotive industry are keeping Australian roads safer, together


Since 2009, Smart Start Australia has partnered with a network of professional Automotive Technicians to provide installation and servicing of alcohol interlocks to the offender, commercial and voluntary markets across Australia.
An alcohol interlock is an electronic breath testing device wired into the ignition of a vehicle which requires the driver to blow an alcohol-free breath sample into the device allowing the vehicle to start.
The primary purpose of the interlock program is to reduce the road safety risk posed by drink drivers to themselves and other road users.
Interlocks can be installed in any type of vehicle including push button, key ignition, EV, hybrid, petrol, heavy vehicles, and motorbikes – Smart Start Australia says it has even installed one in a tractor.
Installation requires a certain level of knowledge with 12-volt electrical systems and the appropriate tools. All equipment to install and service the device, including vehicle specifics and wire colour reference manuals are provided as part of Smart Start Australia’s Agent support which includes onsite training with ongoing online/telephone technical support.
With several thousand alcohol interlocks installed at 130 points of service across six states and one territory, Smart Start Australia says it takes pride in providing innovative and industry leading products and services which have gained industry recognition from customers, monitoring authorities and partners.
Each service agent can install, service and maintain the device with a focus on quality and consistency of service being the number one priority.
Smart Start Australia reports the following feedback from agents: “we have doubled our turnover and moved to a bigger, brighter factory. In winter when our workload drops off, we still have our stream of interlock customers to keep things turning over” and “installing and servicing interlock customers is a fantastic way to educate apprentices on basic wiring testing and removal of plastic panels.”
In addition to keeping roads safe, Smart Start Australia says for some of its participants having an interlock can be a life changing experience assisting them with their rehabilitation. Feedback from some participants include comments of gratitude associated with monetary savings, health benefits and social benefits, all by reducing their alcohol intake.
Smart Start Australia has more than 20 staff located at two locations to the north of the Melbourne CBD who support its day-to-day operations for those participating in a program, its Agent network and governing bodies administering the program.

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