AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Parts

The competition for AAAA Most Innovative New Aftermarket Product – Parts award was exceptionally close with nine entries in total from seven AAAA members.
In this issue, we take a look at the entrants who vied for this award including the winning LoadRyder Onboard Weight Scales from Pedders Suspension and Brakes.

Pedders Suspension and Brakes, LoadRyder Onboard Weight Scales –
Pedders’ new LoadRyder Onboard Scales are a cost-effective solution which delivers critical real-time vehicle weight information for light commercial vehicles. The LoadRyder Onboard Scales system is designed for dual axled vehicles with standard coil or leaf suspension. Each axle is monitored with a robust I.P666 rated potentiometer, relaying signals via the inbuilt Wi-Fi transmitter. Utilising an integrated accelerometer, data is then transmitted to the display when the vehicle is stationary, and the handbrake is applied. An audible alarm will sound if the total vehicle or if the axle weight maximum is exceeded. The breakthrough technology allows users to maximise payloads by precisely knowing the weight and axle distribution.
For more information, visit www.pedders.com.au

Trico Products Australia, Trico Top Lock Connector – Force/Tech Blade
Trico Products says its new Swift Top Lock Connector system is a revolutionary new multi-fit connector system designed to be simple, fast and easy to use. Designed to make installation a simple task, the new connector system ensures the correct arm mount is securely attached to the blade simply and easily. To complement the new Swift Top Lock connector, each Trico Force and Tech blade is supplied with a range of multi-fit adapters for hook, pinch tab, push button and side pin wiper arms. The new system replaces the outgoing L-BRACKET connector (Force) and OFF SET connector (Tech) and significantly improves the connector mechanism that the arm adaptor uses to connect to each blade.
For more information, visit www.tricoproducts.com.au

Clutch Industries, CI Flywheel range
The objective of the flywheel program was to decrease the amount of wasted hoist time when completing a new clutch installation. The CI Flywheel Range offers a range of OEM style replacement flywheels at a comparable price to a flywheel grind, while reducing installation time and keeping original geometry to ensure correct engagement and disengagement. In partnership with distributors Repco and NAPA, Clutch Industries were able to go to market with a program that delivered the trade an alternative to grinding by not only having a quality range of popular flywheels but also having them stocked in key branches at a low price.
For more information, visit www.clutchindustries.com.au

Clutch Industries, UniClutch
Mantic Engineering (the R&D division of Clutch Industries) were tasked with developing a universal clutch system to solve two key requirements: to reduce thousands of clutch SKUs into a couple of clutch SKUs and to decrease installation time for mechanics. The resulting Universal Clutch (UniClutch) only requires two clutch SKUs, one eight-inch and one 10-inch version, to cover more than 90 percent of the Australian passenger and light commercial car parc. This is done through innovative and patented technology which includes a removable spline, multi-fit flywheel mount, height adjustment system and radial dampening centre technology. The system is available for purchase in the Australian market in July 2022.
For more information, visit www.uniclutch.com

Don Kyatt Spare Parts, Terrain Tamer Heavy Duty Swivel Housing Kits
Terrain Tamer’s Swivel Housing Kits for a range of Toyota and Nissan 4WD vehicles are practical for unforgiving terrain and extreme applications and where the extremely short service life of wheel bearings means costly downtime. The kits are comprised of two major innovations, and created with tooling exclusive to Terrain Tamer. The first of these is a heavy-duty bearing that has been made in Japan, with a Rockwell hardness rating that is 2.5 points higher than the OE equivalent. The second element of the kits is an innovative new range of Heavy-Duty hub seals which rotate on their own internal surface, without relying on the condition of the shaft and thus eliminating wear on other components.
For more information, visit www.donkyatt.com.au

Ryco Group, RCA428M – MicroShield Cabin Air Filter
Ryco says the RCA428M is a world first cabin air filter, that can be easily fitted to Isuzu N and F series trucks by untrained operators. The filter integrates seamlessly into the ventilation system (HVAC), providing full airflow and a service interval that matches the other standard service filters. Ryco’s engineering team developed the RCA428M using the MicroShield N99 flame retardant media, which integrates an anti-viral and bacterial pre-filter to eliminate biological agents, an activated carbon barrier to remove chemicals and odours and an electrostatically charged nano-fibre filter to capture fine particles. The MicroShield N99 filter element features a genuine 0.3-micron filtration capability proven with lab testing. These filters combine an order of magnitude improvement in filtration while meeting serviceability requirements and customer demand.
For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com.au

Ryco Group, RCK400 – Isuzu N Series Crankcase Filter
The RCK400 Isuzu N Series Crankcase Filter kit has been tailored to fit the 2008 to 2018 Isuzu N Series with the 4HK1 engine. A complete package, the kit includes all parts required for the installation, including the brackets, vapour hoses, joiners, clamps, and Ryco RCC351 catchcan. The RCK400 was developed for a near factory fit while retaining the ability to seamlessly connect into the OEM crankcase ventilation system. The engineering team incorporated a two-piece mounting bracket design, allowing the whole unit to be affixed and detached quickly for easy inspection and servicing. Ryco says the RCK400 is a unique product in the commercial vehicle segment, offering a cost-effective preventative maintenance solution for the N Series.
For more information, visit www.rycofilters.com.au

Repco – Repco Filter Service Kits
Repco says its 4WD Filter Service Kit program has set the “new standard” in convenience. Whilst there are many options available in the market, Repco says only its kits contain an accessories pack. The Repco kits contains the recently “up spec’d” Repco Synthetic Blend Media Oil Filter (improved Life, Flow and Efficiency), a Repco Air Filter and Fuel Filter and, where applicable, the new Repco Anti- Viral Cabin Filter. But what really sets the Repco kits apart from all others, is the inclusion of a handy accessory pack at no extra cost to the customer. The Accessory pack contains two quality white cotton rags, one oil funnel, a pair of nitrile gloves and, where relevant, a sump plug washer.
For more information, visit www.repco.com.au

Bosch – Bosch ENV6 Brake Fluid
The Bosch ENV6 brake fluid has been developed to combine both a very low viscosity – ie. very high fluidity – and a very high wet boiling point in comparison with conventional brake fluids. This combination makes Bosch ENV6 particularly reliable and safe. Bosch ENV6 can be used to replace several different brake fluids such as DOT3, DOT4 or DOT5.1. Very rarely used brake fluids based on mineral oils (LHM) or containing silicones (DOT5) are the only ones not compatible. It can be used for up to five years as long as the cans remain unopened. Its stockkeeping at the workshop is eased even further by the fact that it is not classified as a dangerous substance as specified by the Ordinance on Hazardous Substances.
For more information, visit www.boschaftermarket.com.au

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