3StarTek says it has the perfect portable kit offering power, compactness and reliability

The 3in1 Jump Starter, Air Pump and Power Bank from 3StarTek is now available, with 3StarTek – the people behind the product – stating it is set to revolutionise aftermarket businesses.
Being stranded with a dead car battery is a frustrating and inconvenient experience and is even worse for drivers in remote locations.
3StarTek – an Australian owned business lead by three engineers – says that it expects its 3in1 Jump Starter to become an essential tool in every Australian’s roadside emergency kit – allowing drivers to say goodbye to carrying multiple tools and worrying about mishaps on the road.
“The 3in1 Jump Starter, Air Pump and Power Bank offers power, compactness, and reliability,” 3StarTek Chief Executive Officer, Chan D Madugani, said.
“The innovative device combines a powerful jump starter, a fool proof tyre inflator and a reliable charging power bank in one convenient storage carry-on case.”
The versatile kit is suitable for cars, light trucks, boats, and ATVs.
“The 3Startek 3in1 Jump Starter, Air Pump and Power Bank is the perfect solution for those looking for ultimate peace of mind when it comes to their vehicles,” Chan said.
“500 cranking amps (800A peak) delivers the necessary power to jump start vehicles and get drivers back on the road quickly.
“The compact device also boasts a built-in tyre inflator with a portable air pump, making it the only device needed for roadside tyre emergencies.
“With an automatic stop function at the preset pressure level (up to 120 PSI), accurate inflation is a breeze.
“The 8800mAh 10W USB charger allows charging of smartphones and tablets on-the-go, with added protection circuitry to prevent short circuits and overcharging.
“Plus, the multi-mode LED light serves as a reliable work light and provides emergency lighting functions, offering ample illumination during car breakdowns or night time emergencies.
“The 3in1 Jump Starter’s compact design has made it a popular choice among Australian consumers, with high demand and devices flying off the shelves.”
The Jump Starter is distributed in South Australia by SA Auto Accessories. 3StarTek is also seeking distributors in other states.
3StarTek is offering free shipping of the 3in1 Jump Starter to AAAA members who mention this magazine article.

For more information or to enquire about becoming a distributor, visit www.3startek.com or contact 3StarTek CEO, Chan D Madugani, on 0450 403 210 or chan.madugani@3startek.com