From Dwiz Diff Housings

When it comes to off-road adventures, Toyota LandCruisers have long been the go-to choice for enthusiasts seeking rugged reliability.
However, even the most robust vehicles can face challenges, especially when pushing their limits.
Dwiz Diff Housing says this is where it steps in with its innovative solution: the 80/105 Series LandCruiser Front and Rear Upgraded Diff Housing.

The need for reinforcement
Based on over 30 years of experience with bent and broken housings, Dwiz says it recognised a common weakness in the factory LandCruiser diff housing.
The stock housing, while sturdy, can struggle under heavy loads, aggressive terrain, and modifications.
To address this, Dwiz set out to create a housing that not only offered a heavier load rating but also significantly enhanced strength.

Patented inner tube design
Dwiz’s engineers went back to the drawing board, focusing on areas where the factory housing tends to fail.
This resulted in a unique upgraded axle housing that boasts a patented inner tube design.
Dwiz says this innovation provides superior strength and durability, ensuring LandCruiser owners can tackle challenging terrains without worry.

Load ratings
The Dwiz Super Strong Diff Housing for the 80/105 Series LandCruiser comes in two variants:

  1. Rear (Load Rating 3000kg): this heavy-duty housing is designed to handle increased axle loads, making it ideal for LandCruisers modified for off-road adventures.
  2. Front (Load Rating 1850kg): while the rear housing takes the brunt of the load, the front housing is equally critical.

Installation and compatibility
Whether you’re driving an 80 Series or a 105 Series, these upgraded housings are compatible with both.
Plus, DWIZ provides a list of preferred installers, ensuring a professional setup for your peace of mind.

Testing and validation
The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) process plays a crucial role in ensuring the strength and durability of Dwiz Diff Housings.
Dwiz says its engineers meticulously analyse the areas where the factory housing tends to fail. These critical points are identified through years of experience with bent and broken housings.
Dwiz explains its Diff Housing range undergoes rigorous testing, with more than 100,000 kilometers of testing on Fraser Island, in Queensland ensuring real-world performance.
All Dwiz Diff Housings are supported with FEA evidence of stated load ratings.

For more information, visit www.dwizdiffhousings.com.au or call 07 4124 9281.