The company states the increases achieved in its Dwiz Toyota 80/105 Series Landcruiser are impressive

In 2017 Dwiz Diff Housings, located in Hervey Bay in Queensland, emerged in the 4WD Aftermarket industry.
Since then, Dwiz Diff Housings reports it has gone on to become renowned for manufacturing upgraded Diff Housings.
The company has experienced great growth over the past few years with the demand for 4WD accessories increasing over the COVID period.
As a result, Dwiz states it has expanded from its humble beginnings to now have two large workshop spaces, office facilities and a great team.
With the extra room, Dwiz says its team are able to capitalise on efficiencies which result in substantial production capacity.
“The ability to produce large quantities has given Dwiz a leading edge in international markets, and we are proud to say our Australian product has been sold in many countries around the world,” Dwiz Diff Housings Sales Manager, Todd Gerbich, said.
After conducting market research at trade shows and analysing consumer feedback, Dwiz says that it found there is a faction of consumers becoming frustrated with the wait time for the delivery of new vehicles, along with price and interest rate increases.
“Rather than having to spend $80k+ on a new car and waiting 12-24 months for the vehicle and then still needing to spend $30k+ modifying the vehicle, consumers are choosing to spend half of that by rebuilding the trusted older models of Toyota Landcruiser, such as 80/105 series,” Todd said.
“To service that market Dwiz has recently gained approval for a Rear Housing rated at 3,000kg.
“This is a massive +1150kg increase over the Original Factory 80 series rating and is a much needed solution for consumers who have chopped vehicles that now carry weight in a tray.
“By combining the Rear Housing with a Dwiz Front housing which has an impressive +500kg added rating over the Original Factory 80 Series housing, you achieve a monstrous combined axle load rating of 4,850kg.
“Designed to suit all OEM parts, these housings are a bolt in solution and supported with the appropriate engineering evidence and approvals.
“This set is fresh to hit the market and we are excited to see them get out on the road, and offroad also.”

Key Dwiz Diff Housing design benefits:
• Increased Load Rating
• Easy to apply design to other models of vehicles
• Internalised strengthening design
• Maximised ground clearance
• Strengthened in Critical areas
• SSM/ADR Approved
• Designed and manufactured in Australia

For more information, visit www.dwizdiffhousings.com.au or call 07 4124 9281.