Ensure your workshop is future fit when it comes to EV servicing

With the presence of EVs continuing to grow throughout Australia, the demand for skilled professionals to repair these vehicles has created an exciting opportunity for workers in the automotive industry.
“It is becoming a necessity for mechanics and automotive technicians to keep up with the EV evolution,” JAX Tyres and Auto Chief Executive Officer, Steve Grossrieder, said.
“EVs have unleashed a new area of manufacturing with their unique car parts and engines requiring expert knowledge of their operation.
“By ensuring that your staff are trained in this vehicle, not only are you helping your business progress in a competitive market, but you are also ensuring that your business is future-proofed for new developments and providing the best support for customers.”
JAX Tyres and Auto says there a number of reasons to prioritise EV training.

Constant staff upskilling is critical
Increased pressure has driven the automotive industry to adapt to the latest technological advancements and invest in staff development to remain relevant in the EV market with the release of each new model to market. JAX Tyres and Auto says it has put in place business initiatives and rebates to assist its network of stores to qualify their mechanics in the EV space.

Stay up-to-date with safety and compliance regulations
Ensuring that your mechanics are trained in EV safety protocols is essential to prevent accidents and injuries. Without the proper training, the batteries and high-voltage engines within these vehicles pose a high risk to your workshop and its staff.
As the government pushes for stricter emissions standards and promotes EV adoption, companies such as JAX have ensured that they actively drive safety culture and a wide range of safe work procedures into the workshops. The need for having mechanics trained in EV repair is becoming an ever-growing necessity to ensure relevant safety and compliance as the automotive industry adopts the latest EV standards.

Meeting driver demand
Customers with EVs will look for mechanics who are not only certified but also have the knowledge and experience to handle their specific vehicle type. By establishing an expert team that is capable of repairing an EV, your business has the opportunity to build trust in your employees which will lead to increased customer satisfaction, retention and future referrals.

Start at the green light
Training for EV repair should start from the basics to build confidence in new mechanics and enable them to pass on their knowledge.
It was announced in this year’s Federal Budget that changes will be made to the New Energy Apprenticeships Program to increase the number of apprentices capable of servicing, maintaining, and repairing EVs.
Starting from the 1st of July, 2024, automotive apprentices who meet the criteria will receive $10,000 each to join the program.
Companies such as JAX have partnered with Mrael to support its future mechanics’ development in the EV repair space. It is through initiatives like these that workshops and their mechanics can transition towards the future of EVs.

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