The EVOLVE Auto Festival debuted in 2023 and is set to grow to new heights in 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of the automotive industry, milestones are not just measured in horsepower and speed; they are also marked by events that bring together visionaries, industry leaders, and enthusiasts to celebrate innovation.
One such milestone was reached in May 2023 when hsy, alongside industry suppliers, hosted the inaugural EVOLVE Auto Festival in Melbourne.
“This groundbreaking event laid the foundation for a new era of collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and community-building within the automotive aftermarket industry,” hsy Head of Customer Relationships and Marketing, Nick Redmond, said.
The EVOLVE Auto Festival emerged as a testament to the dynamic nature of the automotive aftermarket industry.
“In a world where technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, staying ahead of the curve is not just a choice but a necessity,” Nick said.
“hsy recognised this need and took a bold step in creating an event that goes beyond the traditional trade show format.”
The festival aimed to provide a platform for industry players to converge, celebrate achievements, and learn from each other in a fun and engaging environment.
“At the core of EVOLVE Auto Festival is a profound appreciation for the people who drive the industry forward,” Nick said.
“The event brings together not only industry leaders and manufacturers but also the unsung heroes of the automotive world – the workshop owners, technicians, and the next generation of talent from TAFEs.
“It is a celebration of the diverse and vibrant community that forms the backbone of the automotive aftermarket.”
The festival is more than a business gathering; it is a chance for people to connect, make friends, and share the camaraderie that comes from a shared passion for automobiles.
“It is about meeting new people, training, and having some fun,” Nick said, stating that this emphasis on the human aspect of the industry sets EVOLVE apart and contributes to its unique charm.
hsy says the overwhelming success of the inaugural EVOLVE Auto Festival has paved the way for its second edition, which is set to take place at the iconic Sea World on the Gold Coast on Saturday the 18th of May, 2024.
“This move signifies not just a geographical shift but an expansion of the festival’s reach and impact,” Nick said.
“We’re thrilled to be hosting our second festival in Queensland. Holding the event at Sea World on the Gold Coast is a great way to keep the theme of the Festival going – all about meeting new people, training, and having some fun.
“I will be bringing my whole family to this year’s event; they are super-excited about a weekend at Sea World.”

The Gold Coast offers a picturesque backdrop for a festival that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of a trade show.
Holding the event at Sea World adds a unique touch, promising an unforgettable experience for attendees and their families.
As such, the festival is not just an opportunity for professional growth but also a chance for families to come together and enjoy a weekend of learning and leisure.
“The EVOLVE Auto Festival is distinguished by its ability to bring together industry giants, leading part manufacturers, and support groups under one roof,” Nick said.
The 2023 festival saw esteemed partners like Bosch, ZF, Hella Gutmann, Liqui Moly, MAHLE, and Schaeffler joining forces with industry partners such as Capricorn, the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA), and WorldSkills Australia.
“This collaboration showcased the industry’s commitment to bridging the technology gap between suppliers and customers, ensuring that businesses stay informed and adaptive in the face of the ever-evolving automotive landscape,” Nick said.
Building on this success, the 2024 edition of the EVOLVE Auto Festival promises even more dynamic displays and training presentations.
Partners from the previous year will be joined by The Garage Network, Sealey Tools, and Podium, further enriching the lineup.
hsy says the inclusion of these industry players underscores the festival’s dedication to providing a comprehensive and forward-thinking experience for attendees.
“Beyond the vibrant displays and engaging presentations, the EVOLVE Auto Festival places a strong emphasis on education and growth,” Nick said.
“Partnering with hsy’s suppliers, the festival offers educational sessions providing valuable training and advice on equipment, tools, and solutions. Industry associations contribute their expertise, recognising the integral role business aptitude plays in European specialist service centres.”
EuroTechnik Owner Jesse Doherty, of Perth, highlighted the significance of the festival for workshop owners.

“As a workshop owner, continual evolution is paramount – embracing growth in our business, expanding our service portfolio, and advancing our training methodologies,” Jesse said.
“The EVOLVE Auto Festival seamlessly blends these elements in a vibrant, family-friendly setting. Anticipating this year’s festival, my wife is eager to join with our three-year-old, having enjoyed last year’s event tremendously.
“It was undoubtedly the most laid-back auto gathering I’ve experienced, resulting in a truly authentic networking experience.
“I formed valuable connections with amazing people at the event, and we remain in contact to this day.”
In the realm of the EVOLVE Auto Festival, the focus extends beyond professional development to encompass personal relationships.
“Attendees have the chance to build meaningful connections, both within their professional spheres and on a personal level,” Nick said.
“The festival becomes a nexus for families, creating an environment where automotive enthusiasts can come together, share experiences, and forge lasting bonds.
“This commitment to building a sense of community within the automotive industry sets hsy apart as a company that values the holistic well-being of its stakeholders.”
As hsy continues the success story of the Melbourne show, the EVOLVE Auto Festival 2024 in Queensland promises to be an immersive and unforgettable experience.
“The festival is not merely an event but a journey into the future of the automotive industry, guided by a passion for innovation, collaboration, and community,” Nick said.
“We invite you to join us as we drive forward into the future, united by a commitment to evolving the automotive industry, one festival at a time.”

Tickets for the festival are now on sale now and can be purchased at https://hsy.com.au/evolveauto/