ACL Bearing Company (Australia) has a long and rich history in Motorsport

ACL has an extensive series of partnerships with many global motorsport teams at all levels of professionalism and participation.
Now, a chance meeting between ACL General Manager Chris Brooks and Jessica Benge, the Founder of Racing with Autism Australia (RWAA) at the Symmons Plains Supercars round, has progressed to a new partnership.
Chris says this partnership with RWAA is an extension of the Launceston-based company’s support for motorsport and the broader community.
“We are very pleased to be involved with RWAA, the programs and support they provide for their racers is fantastic,” Chris said.
RWAA originally began as a small project in June 2020, with an aim to support five people on the Autism Spectrum involved in racing.
It is now a not-for-profit incorporated association which supports 33 racers across Australia. These racers are called “Racing with Autism Australia Supported Racers” and are involved in numerous genres of motorsport including karting, speedway, motocross, and circuit racing.
RWAA has also recently launched its “Pit Stop” which is a safe place for people with disabilities to attend at community and motorsport events. The Pit Stop provides an inclusive and understanding environment that has equipment that can be utilised by people who may need to take a break at a large event. 
Jessica says that the partnership with ACL has allowed RWAA to purchase a reliable and sturdy custom marquee which gives a professional and welcoming look for the Pit Stop.
“We cannot begin to express our gratitude for this partnership and for Chris and the team at ACL for realising the importance of our purpose and our goals. We look forward to continuing the partnership with Chris and ACL into the future,” Jessica said.
“Racing with Autism Australia is based around not just creating awareness, but educating people about the autism spectrum, providing opportunity for people on the spectrum and by doing that, creating acceptance for every individual.
“It has become a family environment for many of our supported racers who at times previously had felt as though they were alone in their day-to-day struggles. We will make a difference, we will educate, we will inspire, and we will change people’s lives.”
RWAA is also working towards a school, community, and corporate presentation plan where they will provide education around the Autism spectrum and how people can be more inclusive in today’s society.
These presentations will be based around the inspirational stories of its supported racers and will be linked to the story of Canada’s Austin Riley who with his father began the original Racing with Autism program.
To learn more about Racing with Autism Australia, search for ‘Racing with Autism Australia’ on Facebook or Instagram.

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