The latest video focuses on Ford Powershift DCT Clutch Replacement

Australian Clutch Services (ACS) has released a new video as part of its ClutchTech video series which provides detailed information on the process required for replacing the clutch assembly for a Ford PowerShift DCT transmission.
The video adds to more than 50 other videos currently available on the ACS YouTube channel which provide helpful technical support information and tips.
The new video has been developed primarily as an instructional video for customers utilising ACS’ hire tool program.
“The new video has been developed to support those who are using our hire tools for this job,” ACS Engineering and Workshop Manager, Stewart Furze, said.
“The video provides detailed information on how to remove the old clutch assembly and setup the new assembly in the transmission.
“These DCT clutch assembly replacement processes can seem daunting at first, but with a support video like this and the correct tools, it can become quite a straightforward exercise for workshops looking to take on more DCT work.”
ACS offers a comprehensive range of DCT clutch components and tools including complete replacement clutch kits and specialised tools required for the job.
The ACS hire tool program has been developed to support workshops looking to take on DCT clutch replacements but who are hesitant to invest into the vehicle specific tools required to complete the job.
The tools are available through the ACS distribution network with the purchase of an applicable ACS clutch kit and follow a simple process to minimise the time and effort in acquiring and returning the tools.
“Our hire tool program offers a great opportunity for workshops to expand into new markets and align themselves with evolving vehicle technology,” Stewart said.
“We offer specialised DCT tools as well as Self-Adjusting clutch tools and dual-mass flywheel checking tools to help support workshops who are seeing more vehicles equipped with this technology through their doors.”

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