From ClutchPro, the standard clutch replacement division of Australian Clutch Services

Located in Wingfield, South Australia, ClutchPro says it has a strong reputation of providing the highest quality aftermarket standard replacement clutch kits, components, systems, and accessories to the Australian automotive aftermarket.
It explains that the ClutchPro range has been developed over two decades to provide exceptional range coverage and value through its clutch kit program.
The ClutchPro range encompasses both clutch kits and components to ensure that the required accessories are available for the entire clutch system, from the pedal all the way through to the flywheel.
ClutchPro offers complete clutch kits, master cylinders, slave cylinders, hydraulic lines, pedal rubbers, fork and pivot ball kits, bolts, bearings, dowels, transmission guide tubes and even specialist tools.
The range also incorporates the latest technology with DCT clutch kits and tools available for a wide selection of vehicles.
The team at ClutchPro say they are heavily focused on providing more than just the bare minimum in each kit, offering various options where possible to ensure the customer can select the best kit for the job.
The kits are available in various combinations such as just the pressure plate, friction disc and release bearing, through to complete kits that include a concentric slave cylinder and replacement flywheel.
ClutchPro also includes an alignment tool and spigot bearing in its ClutchPro Plus kits which cover most popular applications.
Furthermore, ClutchPro offers a range of individual accessories and hydraulics to support customers with the entire clutch system.

“We often find that the clutch failure is due to an associated component such as a failed bearing, hydraulic components or actuation component such as a clutch fork,” Australian Clutch Services (ACS) General Manager, Simon Acton, said.
“We offer a comprehensive range of clutch system accessories as individual items, allowing the customer to purchase a complete clutch kit and all of the associated accessories in the one order.”
ACS incorporates strict quality control procedures and in-house research and development to ensure the kits meet or exceed OE quality and performance.
“Our in-house research and development process is a major part of the success of both our ClutchPro range as well as our performance brands, Xtreme Clutch and Xtreme Outback, which are exported around the world,” Simon said.
“We are focused on quality, range and value with our ClutchPro program and we are always focused on providing the ultimate aftermarket solution for trade customers who require availability of clutch kits and also the associated components.
“ACS has been in operation for over 30 years, and we understand the importance, now more than ever, of having the stock available for customers to access as quickly as possible.”
The ClutchPro and entire ACS range of products are available through an extensive distributor network throughout Australia, backed by ACS warehouses in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, Darwin and Perth.
ACS says these distribution locations allow it to provide prompt service and get customers’ cars back on the Australian roads.

For more information, please visit or call 1800 CLUTCH.