With Roadsafe Drag Links

There are three main automotive suspension systems which function in a similar manner, these being Independent Front Suspension (IFS), Solid Front Axle, and I-Beam suspension systems.
While Independent Front Suspension (IFS) systems are known to provide good handling and comfort, more robust live axle front suspension designs such as Solid Front Axle and I-Beam designs provide sheer strength.
Drag Links, which are also known as Relay Rods, are specific to Solid Front Axle and I-Beam suspension systems.
Drag Links transfer the steering wheel input to the wheels, with one end being attached to the Pitman arm via the steering box, while the other end of the Drag Link is mounted to the wheel hub assembly.
On each end of the Drag Link is a Tie Rod End, which articulates as the suspension moves up and down and rotates in the housing by steering lock input.
Roadsafe says it specialises in these suspension systems and their specific component requirements, offering premium quality product ranges that include Drag Links and Tie Rod Ends as an affordable alternative to OEM parts, supported by an industry leading warranty.
Roadsafe says its STR range emulates OEM designs, and the range is manufactured from the same or better materials as a minimum.
The team at Roadsafe has reportedly ensured that the articulation of the Tie Rod end directly matches the OEM component, as does the steering damper fitment and other components, providing guaranteed fitment for normal road going vehicles.
Roadsafe has also developed a range of heavy duty offroad options that it says in most cases exceed OEM specifications, including 4WD vehicles operating in harsh off-road conditions.
Typically, offroad 4WDs will have raised suspension that increases the amount of angle the Tie Rod ends need to operate in.
In most cases, Roadsafe says standard replacement parts cannot meet the movement requirements of aftermarket raised suspension which is above two inches of lift.
Wherever possible the company says Roadsafe 4WD has improved or updated the OE design to provide increased arm strength and articulation of the Tie Rod End to prevent it binding or bottoming out.
OEM tie rod ends are mainly manufactured in an encapsulate design, making them a non-greaseable, no maintenance component.
Roadsafe explains it has upgraded some of these products with a revised internal design that makes them greaseable.
Roadsafe has been manufacturing Drag Links, Tie Rod ends, Pitman arms and what it calls Australia’s widest range of automotive suspension components for over 40 years. Its products are available from Burson Auto Parts and other quality independent auto parts resellers nationwide.

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