When it comes to braking, Electric Vehicles are a whole different beast compared to ICE vehicles

Internally, the systems of Electric Vehicles bear only a nominal resemblance to conventional internal combustion engine vehicles. So, it comes as no surprise that electric vehicle braking is different too. 
Hybrid and electric cars brake differently than gasoline powered vehicles – whereas a gasoline vehicle uses brakes frequently, causing them to heat and dissipate moisture, hybrid and electric cars use their electric motor to slow the vehicle, resulting in less frequent use of your brakes.
NRS Brakes explains that when used in EV applications, traditional aftermarket brakes are susceptible to issues such as moisture build-up, corrosion and premature failure because they’re made using painted metal and traditional adhesives.
“Don’t waste money on brake pads that are going to fight your EV’s braking system. Instead, invest in a set of NRS galvanised brake pads which have been specifically designed for use in these cars,” Circo Group Sales Director, Marty Beckton, said.
NRS-EV brake pads have been specifically engineered for hybrid and electric vehicles, using rust-resistant galvanised steel and were recently recognised by as the Best Brake Pad for the third consecutive year (2022, 2021 and 2020).
These brakes have been designed to work well with regenerative braking and are corrosion and delamination resistant. 
In addition, they contain no lead, no copper, and no paint, which makes them 100 percent recyclable, unlike traditional brakes.
“NRS Galvanised Brake Pads prevent corrosion using zinc-plating technology, compared to many traditional brake pads that utilise painted parts – paint can chip and flake, inviting rust-causing corrosion to degrade the brake pad,” Montu Khokhar from NRS Brakes said.
“The NRS-patented mechanical brake pad attachment ensures that the engineered layers of the brake pad do not separate over time or crumble from corrosion, while the premium semi-metallic and copper-free materials in its brake friction ensure long life and stopping power.
“These premium materials also dissipate heat and cool efficiently, while producing less brake dust. And in addition, the pads are also quiet with the NRS Piston Cushion Insert designed to help reduce noise by up to 90 percent by acting as a barrier to minimise heat transfer to brake fluids.
“Finally, thanks to NRS Brakes’ unmatched commitment to the environment, you can always expect NRS to deliver the longest lasting, safest and most environmentally friendly brake pad for electric, hybrid and autonomous vehicles.”

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