Club Assist says atomic batteries are leading the charge in lead acid battery technology

Designed, sourced and tested by Australian-owned business Club Assist, Atomic Batteries are said to be a great choice in the automotive, equipment and leisure sectors, highly regarded for their reliability, durability and high-performance.
Club Assist says it applies a rigorous approach to innovation, with industry-trained engineers at its dedicated laboratory.
It says this ensures Atomic batteries are manufactured to meet or exceed OEM specifications, and more importantly, built to last. As a result, customers are assured of quality from Club Assist’s “comprehensive and competitively-priced” product range.
The depth and breadth of Club Assist’s expertise has been built over close to three decades. Today, the company claims to have the industry’s most comprehensive database and up-to-date information on all things battery related – for virtually any automotive brand and model.
“Our specialist knowledge extends to knowing the exact battery for any vehicle – from older vehicle models to the latest models available in the market today, including those with start-stop technology,” Club Assist Executive General Manager for Sales and Operations, Adrian Smith, said.
Uniquely designed for Australia’s diverse terrain, Club Assist explains its Atomic batteries are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers and distributed through its nationwide supply chain network. Distribution centres and stocking sites are also conveniently located in each state, serving metropolitan and country areas.

Service and reliability
Club Assist says it partners with businesses, both small and large, to extend their offering and customer engagement, explaining that through a unique integrated battery program, businesses can increase vehicle reliability and improve customer satisfaction.
Just one of those businesses is Jax Tyre and Auto. Club Assist states that Jax Tyre and Auto Chief Sales Officer, April Harwood, says that Atomic batteries are its “brand of choice” to ensure it provides “the most reliable and high-performance product” to its clients. Atomic batteries are available in Jax Tyre and Auto’s more than 85 stores across Australia.
Ensuring the right battery for a vehicle and offering appropriate battery care advice are integral to a successful battery program.
“At Club Assist, our battery program utilises state-of-the-art battery testing equipment and accessories to support a quick and accurate diagnosis, enabling motorists to get back on the road as quickly as possible,” Adrian said.

Sustainability driven
Lead-acid batteries are hazardous and cannot be legally disposed with regular waste. Club Assist has a strict environmental policy to ensure all components of a battery are recycled responsibly. As such, 99 percent of each lead acid battery is recyclable, equating to the return of one scrap battery for every battery sold.
“We recycle every battery we replace nationwide at an EPA approved Recycling Centre and all waste that cannot be recycled is disposed of correctly and responsibly. Our battery recycling programs are designed to also maximise collection rates for used automotive batteries,” Adrian said.
Atomic batteries are available at leading retailers including Jax Tyres and Auto as well as online via Amazon Australia.

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