The 2022 Australian Auto Aftermarket Expo was special for several “firsts”

A historic moment with Nisshinbo brakes shown for the first time in Australia on Adrad’s Expo stand.

It was the first time the event had run since COVID-19, and it was also the first time Adrad had shown brake products on display, but the big “first” for Adrad was the availability of Nisshinbo braking parts in Australia.
If you visited the Adrad stand and saw the Nisshinbo products on display, you were part of a history-making moment for Australia’s aftermarket parts industry, as this was the first time these products were shown in Australia, says Adrad.
Adrad offers both the Nisshinbo and Mintex ranges of braking products and says these OE quality products are expected to be well-received by the market, based on the “excellent pedigree” of the TMD Friction group.
Adrad explains that like many other products available from Adrad, these are supplied by globally recognised manufacturers.
Not only does Nisshinbo supply parts to the new car industry, but the company also has a history harking back to 1943, before Australia even started making cars; while the history of Mintex dates back even further to 1908.
These may be very old and established names, but Adrad says their designs employ the very latest technology.
Some of the clever product design features include floating shims that help isolate vibration, or a “J-Chamfer” that reduces squeal throughout the life of the brake pad.
New generation Non-Asbestos Organic friction material that incorporates “Strong Ceramic” material also delivers better performance for light commercial and heavy SUV applications.
Adrad reports that its other existing product ranges have also expanded, with new additions to its collections of Radiator Packs, Fan Clutches, EGR Coolers, Compressor Kits, Ignition Coils, Gas Struts and of course, Crash Packs for collision repair workshops.

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