With Corghi’s Artiglio 50 Tyre Changer

Corghi, which says it is renowned worldwide for innovation, quality and precision, is helping workshops embrace the latest in automated technology.
It says its feature packed Artiglio 50 Tyre Changer is the most cost-effective way to introduce automation into your workshop. 
“This centre post, fully lever-less machine is designed to keep your staff safe, increase productivity and reduce the chance of rim damage,” Corghi Australia General Manager, Andrew Cornwell, said.
It is ideal for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks and suitable for wheels up to 30-inches in diameter.
The fully automated Artiglio 50 features Corghi’s lever-less technology that completely removes the risk of damaging particularly delicate or demanding rims and comes standard with a built-in tyre lifter for safe, single-person operation.
“The Artiglio 50 comes standard with a huge range of power-assisted arms to make light work of even the toughest tyres,” Andrew said.
The Artiglio 50 is fully automated for accuracy, repeatability, and productivity.
“From low profile to run-flat tyres, this machine has been designed to slash working time on all latest-generation wheels,” Andrew said.
The Artiglio 50 is compact and features a single-arm bead breaker unit with a 180° swing arm that ensures there is absolutely no contact with the rim during the mounting process.
“As safe work practices in tyre service workshops are coming under increasing scrutiny,” Andrew said.
“There has never been a more critical time to invest in tyre lifting equipment.
“With its built-in tyre lifter, the Artiglio 50 is a great investment.”
Corghi has a range of Tyre Lifters that can be retrofitted to your existing balancers, tyre changes, aligners and hoists.
Andrew encourages you to “keep your staff safe and ask us about a great deal on any of our three most popular models.”
“We’re committed to helping tyre service workshop owners reduce risk, improve safety and increase productivity,” Andrew said.

For more information, visit or call 1800 CORGHI (267444).