For nearly 100 years, Penrite Oil has been a trusted partner for the Australian automotive trade

As a 100 percent Australian family owned and operated business which “produces the highest quality automotive fluids,” Penrite says it has remained “the go to” company for workshops and service centres for engine oils, gear oils, transmission fluids, greases, coolants, additives and cleaners used in the automotive trade for nearly 10 decades.
As more Australians than ever will hit the road this summer holiday season, Penrite says its oils and lubricants will be their trusted partner, providing the highest levels of protection, performance, and economy.
For the workshops and service centres preparing these vehicles, Penrite says they can have peace of mind knowing they are using products blended in Australia which meet “the highest of manufacturing and industry standards,” including selected products with OEM approvals and/or industry licenses.
Over the last 10 decades Penrite says it has continued to innovate and bring the latest specification products to the market, so its customers have the “Right Product for the Right Application.”
Penrite says this doesn’t only apply to engine oils. It explains its commitment to providing the trade with all of the products they need to complete servicing requirements means it has an extensive range of products which covers transmission and gear oils, brake, hydraulic and steering fluids, greases, coolants, additives and cleaning fluids – making them a one stop shop for trade.
Being Australian made, owned and operated, Penrite says it is employing Australians to keep other Australians in business and employment as it strives to support the automotive trade with products to cover the oldest to the latest technologies.
As such, it says that by using Penrite lubricants, workshops and service centres are contributing to the development of Australia and keeping manufacturing and money in the country to support other Australian businesses and people.

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