New greases have been added to the Flashlube portfolio

Flashlube recently added a range of High Temperature Grease and Moly Grease to its range of lubricants and additives, to help service an array of different applications, in both industrial and automotive settings.
Flashlube explains that its Moly Grease formulation provides high stability lubrication, as well as increased protection against wear.
With strong adhesion on metals and resistance to oxidation, Flashlube Moly Grease is said to offer superior protection for vehicle components and is suitable for a variety of applications including wheel bearings, chassis lubrication, and for equipment operating under severe conditions.
Flashlube’s High Temperature Grease is a multipurpose grease offering longevity on vehicle components, specifically designed for use on extreme bearing applications.
It is suitable for use on continuous heavy loads and shock conditions, wheel bearings and equipment operating under severe conditions.
Use of Moly Grease and High Temperature grease assists to avoid grease meltdown (bleeding), which can result in disassembling and re-checking components more frequently, to ensure lubrication protection has not been compromised.
Flashlube says the longevity of its Greases offers reassurance that vehicle components are protected, having been manufactured and tested to offer the highest protection for vehicle components, and assists in preventing wear on components.
Both of Flashlube’s Greases are available in a 450g Tub and Cartridge, 2.5kg, and 20kg.

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