The company has revealed its latest LED driving lights

A new range of Hybrid Beam LED Driving Lights from Big Red Gear has arrived, combining “amazing” bright light output with a sleek “blacked-out” appearance that also provides a tough, “stealth” look for vehicles when the lights are not in use.
At the heart of the new range – which is available in seven-inch or nine-inch diameter model options – is a Covert Black Chrome appearance that gives visual impact while enhancing light clarity, helping users see further down the road.
Generating the light are high power OSRAM LEDs that emit a natural white light at 5700°K. Output per nine-inch pair is one lux at 790 metres and one lux at 680 metres for the seven-inch variant.
Another feature of the Covert LED Driving Light range is the prominent Dynamic Position Light, providing additional vehicle visibility to other road users. The position light is dual colour, allowing the user to choose between white or amber* output.
To ensure durability in tough Australian conditions, the lamps feature robust construction and what Big Red Gear describes as “virtually unbreakable” polycarbonate lenses.
They are also fully sealed and weatherproofed to IP67 and come with heavy-duty stainless-steel brackets (with three bolt mounting) and mounting hardware. An integrated and sealed DT connector is also included.
For added protection when not used, the lamps feature blacked-out polycarbonate lens protectors, while the included ‘plug and play’ wiring harness makes installation simple.
Big Red Gear Product Manager, Jake Smith, said the brand’s latest release provided buyers with a well-balanced range that combined strong lighting performance with attractive aesthetics at a cost-effective price point.
“The new Covert LED Driving Lights from Big Red Gear showcase a stealthy black chrome reflector design that projects an impressive light output from the OSRAM LEDs, dramatically boosting visibility across a range of conditions,” Jake said.
“With this release, Big Red Gear has again made quality lighting accessible to recreational enthusiasts, proving that performance and great looks doesn’t have to cost the world.”
Big Red Gear’s new Covert LED Driving Lights are backed by a three-year warranty and can be purchased from for $449.00 (seven-inch pair) and $599.00 (nine-inch pair) including shipping.
Big Red Gear is an Australian owned manufacturer and supplier of automotive lighting for the automotive, and transport industries.

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*Amber is for off road use only; not ADR approved.